10 Ways Pregnancy Has Eaten My Brain

I have had one rough day…. I’m seriously dealing with a bad case of pregnancy brain. It has been one thing after another today, and I think it’s time for me to just give up and go to bed.

This is how my day has been…

Pregnancy brain moment #1– This morning started off routine as usual. Joleen woke up, my husband changed her diaper, then handed her off to me to feed her. I proceeded to fix her breakfast, and took a clean sippy cup out of my dishwasher full of clean dishes. That was all fine and dandy, but then I totally forgot I had taken the damn sippy cup out, and I loaded all the dirty dishes from breakfast into the dishwasher. Because I had unlocked the dishwasher to get the sippy cup out, I momentarily forgot the dishes were clean. Ugh. I had to wash them all over again.

Pregnancy brain moment #2- After breakfast, I took out the garbage. However, I forgot to put a new garbage bag back in the trash can. I have been putting garbage in my trash can without a bag in it all day.

Pregnancy brain moment #3- After my morning shower, I blow dried my hair and even took the time to flat iron it. By the time I was done, my grace period was over, and my hubby handed Joleen back over to me. Knowing I needed to run errands today, I decided I would have to put my makeup on while Joleen took her late morning nap. Well… by the time it was five minutes before I had to be out the door this afternoon, I realized I had totally forgotten I had wanted to put makeup on today.

Pregnancy brain moment #4- While rushing to put my makeup on, my babysitter showed up. Obviously, I was frantic from all the rushing, and when I went to quickly greet her, I slipped and fell right in front of her. She had to help my pregnant butt up off the floor. Embarrassing.

Pregnancy brain moment #5- Getting ready to leave my house to run some errands, I had to load a couple of things into my car. I set my keys on the hood of the car while I did this (I’m sure you can see where this is going). Of course, I totally forgot where I had put my keys. I turned the car, and my purse upside down looking for them, and worked myself into a hormonal, ticked-off mess. It took me 20 minutes to remember where I had put them. Idiot.

Pregnancy brain moment #6- Yes. It gets even better… When I went to dump everything out of my purse to look for my keys, I noticed that my purse reeked. Oh. My Gosh. It smelled so bad, but I didn’t have time to figure out where the stench was coming from. While in the car on my way to my doctor’s appointment (that I was now running late for thanks to the key fiasco), the smell started to permeate the car. At a red light, I dug through my purse (again) and realized that I had accidentally left one of Joleen’s dirty diapers in my purse while I was out-and-about the day before. I had forgotten to put it in a trash can. SO GROSS! How could I forget something like that? My purse still stinks.

Pregnancy brain moment #7- After arriving late to my doctor’s appointment, they rushed to fit me in. After the way my day was going, I felt rushed enough as it was. Normally, I go straight to the bathroom and pee in the cup (I’m sure we are all familiar with this process), but today I went to the bathroom, and forgot to fill up a cup. This is my second pregnancy, so you can imagine how many times I have had to do this. How could I forget to pee in that cup??

Pregnancy brain moment #8- I managed to stay out of trouble for a bit after forgetting to pee in the cup, but my woes continued when I returned home. After I sent the babysitter on her way, it was time to feed Joleen a snack. I went to open her favorite snack, crackers, and while tearing them open, the bag went flying and all the crackers and crumbs went EVERYWHERE! It was a complete mess. I wanted to cry.

Pregnancy brain moment #9- I know that my daughter is a picky eater. I also know to test foods/dishes with her, but tonight, pregnancy brain made me forget to test this new dish out first. I went ahead and made a giant batch of it for her. I even went as far as freezing individual little portions for her future lunches and dinners. I spent a good hour and half cooking, and when I sat down to feed it to her for dinner, she took one bite, spit it out, and cried when I tried to feed it to her again.

Pregnancy brain moment #10- My husband just came home from work and asked if I had fed the dog dinner. Of course I didn’t remember to feed her… no surprise there.

Can you see why I just want to go to bed? Does pregnancy brain do this to you? Have you had days like this?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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