Pregnancy Poll — Did Your Belly Button Pop?

After tucking my toddler into bed each night, I immediately put on the most comfortable pajamas I can find, and drop like a wet dishrag into my favorite recliner.

Following this routine, I pull up my shirt, exposing my enormously pregnant gut, and begin complaining to my husband about the many ways in which my entire body hurts.

Last night, he looked at my globe-like stomach and proclaimed “Wow, your belly button has really bugged out!”

The man has a way with words, but you know, he speaks the truth. My belly button has really bugged out — in festive, turkey-timer style at that.

Did your belly button pop out during pregnancy? Take my poll below!

It seems like yet another example of how everything happens a little faster, and a little more intensely with a second pregnancy. Not only did my belly not get this big the first time around, my belly button did not come close to popping out.

I am now wondering, how common is the pregnancy-outie? Take the poll below, and tell me in the comments how you felt about developing (or not developing) a protruding pregnancy navel!



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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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