Pregnancy Beverage Boredom: I Need a New Mocktail

mocktailYou guys, I went to my brother-in-law’s wedding this weekend and it was so awesome. Really! All those reasons I thought it would be fun as a pregnant lady were totally true. I got pampered. I made easy small talk. I stuck my giant belly out with pride during the photos. I did not have to cut the bathroom line but I did get to cut a different one, and it surprised me—two nice men insisted I cut them in line at the bar.

Weird, right?

It was the only time I went to the bar during the whole wedding, actually. My husband did a very good job keeping a steady stream of club sodas and ice waters by my side. But at one point during the reception I was parched and my husband had taken our son to the bathroom so I heaved myself up out of my seat and wandered over to the bar for the first time all weekend.

Trust me when I say I’m typically the one up there buying rounds, not meekly going up the bar for the first time 3 hours into the party.

When I arrived these two handsome men were patiently waiting for the attention of the bartender. When they turned and saw me they both said, ‘Oh! After you! Please go ahead.” I was honestly really surprised. I appreciated it but I never considered cutting the line to the booze to be a perk of being seven months pregnant.

So the two men stepped aside and encouraged me to go next. The bartender asked what he could get me and I just stood there. I opened and closed my mouth a few times and couldn’t think of single damn non-alcoholic drink that sounded good. I wanted to order something awesome. Not to impress those guys, but because here I was, at a fancy occasion, standing in front of an open bar, having cut the line to get there and I just didn’t want another club soda. But I totally blanked on any possible tasty beverage that didn’t involve booze.

I ended up blurting out, “I’ll have a shirley temple!” and then regretted my choice as soon as it was in my hand. I’ve never really loved that drink but couldn’t think of anything better to order. So help me out here. I need a go-to mocktail for the remainder of my pregnancy.

What was your favorite mock cocktail during pregnancy?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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