If Penelope Cruz Gets A Pregnancy Body Double, Why Can't You?

Penelope Cruz and Monica CruzPenelope Cruz is currently shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 4. She is also currently 5 months pregnant. Things had been going smoothly, but recently, there have been rumblings about some difficulties in the wardrobe department. Apparently, lacing up a corset over a five months pregnant belly is not the easiest task. There were complaints about the impossibility of hiding her bump.

For a moment, I was concerned. Would the blockbuster be sabotaged by a lack of long shots? But of course, in Hollywood, nothing is impossible.  Especially when the leading lady happens to have a dead ringer of a sister.

So the news Monica Cruz has joined the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 cast to play Penelope’s body double should come as no surprise. But it did get me thinking: How great would it be if EVERYONE could have a pregnancy body double?

Sure, we’ve all fantasized about being able to be in two places at once. But being pregnant takes this longing to a whole new level: wanting to be both pregnant, and NOT pregnant at the same time.

Just think of what your unpregnant body double could do for you. You could be seen about town looking svelte in fabulous outfits instead of maternity clothes. And not only would she be able to fit into your usual wardrobe, but she could perform a variety of stunts. You could send her off on errands while you collapse on the couch. She could have sex with your husband if you’re feeling too tired or nauseous or blubbery. Or talk to your friends about all the tiresome non-pregnant topics you’ve found intolerably boring lately. She could take risks you’d never venture, like riding a motorcycle, or even a bike. She could go out and drink four glasses of champagne or a whole six pack of beer with no repercussions aside from morning-after regret and possible cumulative liver damage. She could eat runny egg yolks with abandon.

All this while you relax in your pregnant state, watching “yourself” doing the things you don’t get to do anymore. Add a little post-production magic to the video, and it would almost definitely be better than actually experiencing the stuff firsthand. Too most of us don’t have a look-alike sister ready to step into the role. Or Javier Bardem as a baby daddy.

Photo Credit: David Gabber / PR Photos

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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