Pregnancy is Bringing Out My Sappy Side

Pregnancy is bringing out my sappy side.

I’m a pretty emotional person in general and crying is not a terribly uncommon occurrence for me, but I am not so much what you’d consider sappy.  BUT…ever since this little person started growing inside me I’ve definitely gotten in touch with my sappy side.

This is the side of me that cries at stranger’s weddings during father/daughter dances (yes…this really happened a few weeks ago) and gets all choked up while looking at her husband’s baby book.

Fortunately I have yet to cry during a telephone commercial, but I’ve still got three months left of pregnancy, so there’s definitely still time for that.

But seriously…who cries while watching things on YouTube?  Yep.  That’s me.  I know most people watch YouTube to laugh at sneezing babies and fawn over adorable kittens, but when I watched this TED Talk with poet Sarah Kay called “If I Had a Daughter…” I couldn’t help but well up.

This poem is a beautiful picture of what I think many people might hope for their children.

See the video after the jump…

What’s made you sappy during pregnancy?

Do Sarah’s sentiments resound with you?

Answer in the comments:  “If I had a daughter/son….”


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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