Pregnancy Comparison Photos at 36 Weeks, 4 Years Later.

I was flipping through old photos I’d taken pregnant with my now nearly 4 year old daughter in 2009. I wasn’t really good about weekly belly shots back then, but I did manage to get one at 36 weeks – just a few days before I went into labor. I decided to compare then and now, wondering how different I would look close to 4 years after having her.

For me, the size difference between hers and this one is pretty obvious. It probably has to do with this being a third pregnancy (we lost twins last year) and then this one being only 7 months behind the last. Maybe also this one being a boy. Or the fact that I am quite a bit heavier all the way around than I was then.

We didn’t have a McDonalds anywhere close to us for her pregnancy. Let’s blame that.

If you can believe it, I even managed to have the same shirt on – although in the first pic it looks a heck of a lot newer. I also managed to take nearly as crummy of a shot! So you’re welcome.

36 weeks pregnant collage

I can say I look A LOT more tired in that picture with Bella than I do right now, and I’m exhausted these days. I don’t remember those last couple of weeks with her since they were filled with hospital trips for preterm labor, bed rest, and nursery planning. Looking back now though, I’m wondering if perhaps I should have taken more bed rest.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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