25 Hysterically Funny and Sarcastic Pregnancy ECards

I have a sarcastic sense of humor and I like to take life a bit lightly. There are some things that we shouldn’t laugh at that sometimes I just can’t help myself. Pregnancy has a lot of opportunity to look at the funny and lighten up – it’s one of those stages in life where it can be important to not take yourself too seriously.

I came across some wildly sarcastic and often funny ecards – so different then the stork-riddled, rattle covered cards you often see to announce or congratulate pregnancy.  These cards offer a lot more humor, sarcasm and a touch of ‘Oh my goodness they did NOT just say that‘.

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  • Happy For You 1 of 25
    Happy For You
    Sarcastic take on pregnancy weight gain. Depression isn't funny but sometimes laughter is great medicine.
  • Congratulations 2 of 25
    Sometimes people need congrats on this side. There are scares people!
  • Thanks Dad 3 of 25
    Thanks Dad
    You know... like a good parent would.
  • Happy Mother’s Day 4 of 25
    Happy Mother's Day
    Life sure is different when it comes to teen pregnancy. I'm scared for my kids ::gulp::
  • A Promise 5 of 25
    A Promise
    Sometimes we just want to celebrate our birthday.
  • Always 6 of 25
    Especially important to be kind. Has anyone given up their bus seat for you?
  • More Specifically 7 of 25
    More Specifically
    I like the saying "we're pregnant" but it is technically incorrect. Some people are wonderfully picky about that stuff.
  • Avoiding Confusion 8 of 25
    Avoiding Confusion
    If you don't want to get important things mixed up.
  • Congratulations 9 of 25
    It might be a huge deal - depends on how much fun you had in college.
  • Whoops 10 of 25
    Ever made this mistake? Or had someone mistake you for being pregnant?
  • Oh Weight Gain 11 of 25
    Oh Weight Gain
    I was 'lucky' that I didn't gain a whole lot while pregnant.
  • Oh Juno 12 of 25
    Oh Juno
    The first movie that kind of played lightly on the whole teenage pregnancy thing.
  • Happy Not A Mother’s Day 13 of 25
    Happy Not A Mother's Day
    There are people who would totally celebrate this day - as they should.
  • Trading Up 14 of 25
    Trading Up
    This card is seriously my favorite. Do you think it's a fair trade up?
  • Unplanned 15 of 25
    This one... not touching that subject.
  • More Awesome 16 of 25
    More Awesome
    Are there a lot of people in your life who seem to either be getting married or pregnant? They are all over my life right now.
  • Vacectomy 17 of 25
    Oh so wrong... so wrong but so funny.
  • Announcing 18 of 25
    Do you have someone in your family or friend circle who has done this? A huge NO NO!
  • No Intentions 19 of 25
    No Intentions
    There are some guys who feel super strong about this... now they can put that on a card.
  • Blame it on the Alcohol 20 of 25
    Blame it on the Alcohol
    Hmm.. easy to blame the promiscuity on the alcohol. Much easier
  • Real Motherhood 21 of 25
    Real Motherhood
    The sarcasm in this card is so my humor. That show - terrible!
  • Too Busy 22 of 25
    Too Busy
    There are some women who have to dodge this question weekly. Talk about annoying!
  • Random ECard 23 of 25
    Random ECard
    In case you are scared of telling them in person - send it in an ecard. heh.
  • There is No Excuse 24 of 25
    There is No Excuse
    That is totally me. But I tend to dress less frumpy while pregnant but then back to the frump (I need fashion help!).
  • A Promise 25 of 25
    A Promise
    A Bridesmaid? Some brides are all "bridezilla" about not being pregnant for their photos.

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