Pregnancy Essentials: What You Can’t Live Without!

Total Body Pillow 1 of 12
"I couldn't live without my Snoogle total-body pillow. Before, I would toss and turn all night trying to find a comfortable position! This pillow totally saved me! It was the best 50 bucks I ever spent. Go get one; you'll never regret it!"—J. Kelly
Chicken Noodle Soup 2 of 12
"I lived off of Lipton chicken noodle soup when the morning sickness was at its peak. It really helped settle my stomach and gave me some sort of nourishment my body could keep down."—Suzanne
Heating Pad 3 of 12
"A heating pad was a lifesaver when myback and legs would ache."—Melissa
Sparkling Water 4 of 12
"Since one of the most important pregnancy tips is to stay hydrated, so much water day after day got old very quickly. Perrier and other carbonated, flavored waters definitely kept me hydrated and got me through my pregnancy!"—Rose
Tennis Balls 5 of 12
"For sore hips and lower back pain I had a small ball [like a tennis ball] used for body rolling. Sitting on it and rolling it against my sore joints released the muscle spasms. It was cheaper than a massage every week."—Nina
Peppermint Hand Lotion 6 of 12
"My awesome husband would rub my hands really hard with peppermint hand lotion to off-set my pregnancy carpal-tunnel syndrome."—Jane
Tylenol 7 of 12
"Tylenol and Tylenol PM were essential (and a pillow that was long enough to be between my knees and support my belly at the same time)."—Lisl Quinn
Ginger 8 of 12
"I was severely sick through most of my pregnancy with a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. The only thing that seemed to help at all was ginger. A few ginger snap cookies or a little ginger candy seemed to soothe my stomach..." —C.C.
Tums 9 of 12
"I couldn't live without Tums for heartburn."—Valerie Morgan
Sexy Maternity Jeans 10 of 12
"My favorite comfort item late in pregnancy was my 'sexy' <a href=""
target="_blank">maternity jeans. Stretchy and comfy, they hugged all my curves and made me feel beautiful and sexy."—Brandi K.
Designer Handbag 11 of 12
"I was so glad to have something that didn't need to expand in size, so I splurged!"—Melanie
Bananas 12 of 12
"Many nights I had cramping pain in my calves that woke me up, but a banana a day (because of the potassium) cured me of that."—Judi D.
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