Pregnancy Food Withdrawal: 5 Foods I Miss the Most

5 Foods I Miss Eating During Pregnancy
Nitrate-laden bacon. Mmmmm

I’ve never been a coffee drinker, and I can’t stand soda, so those pregnancy no-nos (or not-much-ofs, I should say) are two less things I have to worry about staying away from during my pregnancy.

While you’ll find mixed opinions on a lot of pregnancy-related topics, the evidence is (mostly) clear on what you should and shouldn’t eat. And for the foods that seem to appear on both the “ok” and “not ok” lists of foods to eat, I’ve discovered there’s one easy way to tackle that concern: Do what you feel is best.

Certain things are easier to give up than others. I haven’t once craved or missed drinking wine. I have zero desire for sushi. But there are most definitely foods I miss terribly and can’t wait to chow down on once these babies are born.

After the jump, check out which five foods I miss the most during my pregnancy, and tell me what food was hardest for you to give up!

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