Pregnancy Home Stretch? Nesting Progress at 36 Weeks

36 Weeks & Counting

36 weeks. Still seems a little surreal to me. While the physicality of it all is definitely front and centre, it’s hard to eradicate the blemish that years and years of thinking/being told I could not have children creates. Now, only a few short weeks from having two.

So when will those feelings go away? 3 kids? 4? Perhaps. Really though, I don’t  think ever. Which is okay. They are a part of me. Sure there are times when I’m melancholy and still can’t believe I am here. That’s just how it is. So pinch me, I’m living the big ‘ole mooshy dream that I thought I’d never have. In many different ways.

Meanwhile, the countdown is on and these aches and pains should be, ‘pinch’ enough for a lass. Bring out the gimp. Me. Waddly-ahca. It was NOT like this with my first pregnancy. Nuh-uh. My body completely shuts down (as of last week), if I don’t have a nap in the afternoon. As in an intense combo of sciatica, (lower back, inner thighs and toosh). Married to cervical cramping, (Braxton Hicks?) and overwhelming exhaustion. Could be that I am tackling too much on my list, but honestly. I’m taking it slow and getting a ton of help.

Which makes progress on certain projects, (kids room) seem like they are going at a snails pace for a hustler like me. Listening to my body and taking care of this little blessing needs to be number one. So rolling with it is something new for me. Yep, it sure is. The mister gets home late tonight, (morning) from the summer tour he’s been on. We have him home till Friday. We get to go with him for the next round of  more local gigs. We’ll be camping at one of the festival’s for the weekend. On the threshold of 37 weeks. With a toddler. Good thing we are camping pro’s and have all the sweet and comfy gear.

Back to that list. I shared it here with the internets last week, with the hopes of getting some support and hearing what other expectant momma’s have on the go. Especially in the end of third trimester. All of the comments were reassuring and putting it all in black and white really helped. So here’s my visual update. Also, many thanks to my mom and her hubby for all of their hard work in helping me tackle some of the work.

  • The Zoo! 1 of 7
    The Zoo!
    We went to to the Metro Toronto Zoo last week and of course, hit the splash pad. Next up: Canada's Wonderland. Accomplished: toddler summer-time bliss.
  • Kids Room 2 of 7
    Kids Room
    New crib and bedding, rearranged the furniture, got a carpet and new shelves. Sneak peak.
  • Lovely Love My Family 3 of 7
    Lovely Love My Family
    Framing art for the afore mentioned kids room.
  • Stencils 4 of 7
    In progress...owl, blazing heart and sparrow.
  • Hosta’s 5 of 7
    All planted.
  • Lavender 6 of 7
    Wasn't on my list, but I could not help myself. Really, it's a necessity.
  • Shed window box. 7 of 7
    Shed window box.
    Also not on my list. But the flowers were on sale...

The birch tree stencils are also sketched out, but very faint until I cut them out. Hoping to get all the stencil cutting done tomorrow.

Some other things done which were not on the list, (thanks Mom & Kenny). 2nd bathroom is all patched up and painted. No photo’s yet, till the finishing touches are added.

Much of these projects are because we recently moved into a fixer upper. Did you move house and home during your pregnancy and survive to tell the tale? Did you enlist family to help with your nesting madness?

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