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    1. Congratulations, you're pregnant!

    Congratulations If you can’t quite believe it, you’re not alone; many women take more than a few pregnancy tests just to be sure! But today’s home tests are very reliable — you don’t need a visit to the doctor to confirm you’re pregnant.
    The top 10 home pregnancy tests and how to use them

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    2. Stop smoking

    quit smoking If you smoke, this is the moment to quit. If you’re having trouble, ask your doctor for help. Smoking increases the risk of serious health problems for you and your baby.
    The link between your prenatal health and your kid's future

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    3. Don't stress over alcohol yet

    drinks before implantation Are you worrying about those drinks you had before you found out you were pregnant? If it was around the time of your missed period, don’t be. Before implantation, there is little risk.
    27 health tips from mom doctors

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    4. Contact your insurance company

    check with your insurance Now is the time to check with your insurance company to find out about their prenatal and birth coverage so you know your options. You can do this online or with a phone call.
    Insurance company tells woman to get sterilized

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    5. Avoid the litter box

    Are you a cat person Are you a cat person? Time to delegate the job of cleaning the litterbox: cat poop can be contaminated with toxoplasmosis so contact should be avoided when you’re pregnant. If you can’t pawn off the task, wear rubber gloves.
    Scooping the cat box while pregnant — taboo?

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    6. Now it's time to watch your alcohol intake

    avoid drinking Although some recent studies say a small amount of alcohol has not been shown to cause problems during pregnancy, the safest course of action is to avoid drinking.
    Study says drinking wine while pregnant may actually be good for your baby

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    7. Make sure meat is cooked

    foods to avoid Meats should be cooked thoroughly to reduce chance of bacterial contamination during pregnancy. Red meats are safe at 160°; poultry should be at least 165°.
    Foods to avoid while pregnant

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    8. Wait for the right time to see doc

    first appointment OBs tend to schedule the first appointment with a new patient at around 6-8 weeks of gestation. It can feel like a long time to wait, but before that point, there’s a lot less they can tell you about what’s going on in there!
    Your pregnancy week-by-week

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    9. Cut back on caffeine

    Too much caffeine Too much caffeine may increase the risk of miscarriage. Pregnant women should aim for 200 milligrams per day or less- that’s about one regular cup of coffee.
    A cup of coffee while pregnant? Experts say go for it

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    10. Get ready for swelling

    Maternity Bras Swollen breasts are one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. You may need a new bra right away. Some women prefer to avoid underwire for comfort reasons.
    Babble best maternity bras

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    11. Drink water earlier

    Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms Frequent urination in early pregnancy is the result of hCG and your kidneys working harder. Try to drink more early in the day and cut down on fluids at night to prevent night wakings.
    The most common pregnancy signs and symptoms

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    12. Things will smell differently

    Phantom Odors Are you suddenly noticing how much everything stinks? It’s not your imagination. It’s your hormones, heightening your sense of smell. Essential oils of lemon or mint can help if you’re finding yourself grossed out by the scents around you.
    What’s that smell? My first trimester is plagued by phantom odors

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    13. Spotting

    Early Signs of Pregnancy Spotting is common in early pregnancy, affecting 20 to 25% of women. Often it’s not a problem, but if you notice any blood in your underwear, call your healthcare provider so she can check out the situation.
    Early signs of pregnancy

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    14. Talk to your doc about medication

    medications when you are pregnant If you are on any medications when you get pregnant, you will need to talk to both your prescribing doctor and your pregnancy care provider about how to proceed. Don’t just stop taking your pills without consulting with a physician. You don’t know what’s safe during pregnancy or how weaning cold turkey will affect you.
    Antidepressants and pregnancy: Is medicating depression safe?

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    15. Get the right care for you

    Questions to Ask Your OB-GYN Looking for a new OB or midwife? Attitude is as important in a care provider as credentials. Look for someone who makes you feel comfortable about asking questions.
    Top questions to ask your OB-GYN or midwife

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    16. Write down your questions

    How to Calculate Your Due Date For your first prenatal care provider appointment, you’ll need to be prepared with the date of your last menstrual period. That’s the date they’ll use to calculate your baby’s estimated due date.
    How to calculate your due date

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    17. Be patient and persistent

    Choosing Someone to Delivery Your Baby It can take some time to find the right caregiver. Don’t feel bad about meeting with a few different OBs and/or midwives early on. It’s your right to explore your options, so feel confident as you investigate!
    Tips for choosing someone to delivery your baby

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    18. Your fears are normal

    Common New Parent Fears Worrying about miscarriage? Risk goes down substantially after you see a heartbeat (often at your first ultrasound, depending on the timing) and again after 12 weeks. In the meantime, realize your fears are totally normal.
    10 most common new parent fears

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    19. Know what you're signing up for

    Choose Where to Give Birth You may want to learn about your local hospitals before you settle on a provider. Hospital policies and facilities could affect your birth experience and baby’s care.
    How to choose where to give birth

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    20. Take care of your teeth

    dental health during pregnancy Stay on top of your dental health during pregnancy—hormones can increase the risk of gum problems. Regular hygiene is important, as are visits to the dentist. Schedule one now!
    On bleeding gums, rotting teeth, gum disease, and pregnancy

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    21. Looking into birthing options

    birth options Thinking about birth may feel premature at this early stage, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a care provider. A brief look into the different birth options now can help you choose the doctor or midwife that is right for you.
    Are American women out of touch with the reality of childbirth facilities?

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    22. Talk to your partner

    Dad-to-Be Facts If you and your partner disagree about providers and/or birthing ideas, it’s better to talk those issues out now than when you’re already settled on a plan that makes one of you uncomfortable. Compromise is an important skill for parents!
    7 surprising dad-to-be facts

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    23. Discharge is common

    Increased vaginal discharge Increased vaginal discharge in early pregnancy may send you running to the bathroom worrying you’re bleeding. It’s probably just leukorrhea, normal discharge in higher volume due to estrogen production. Some women like to wear a panty liner.
    Your pregnancy week-by-week checklist

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    24. Think about location

    Location, location, location Something else to think about in choosing a healthcare provider: Location, location, location. You’ll be going there at least a dozen times over your pregnancy (probably more). But if you find someone you love, it may be worth the trip!
    10 pregnancy facts no one tells you

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    25. Find support

    Why I Have No Mom Friends Feeling bombarded with information about things that put the developing embryo at risk? Coming to terms with the fact that we can’t totally control the world is part of the process of becoming a parent. Bonding with others can help.
    Top 50 pregnancy Facebook fan pages

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    26. Try to get exercise

    Exercise While Pregnant A counterintuitive, but effective way to deal with that crushing first trimester exhaustion? Take a walk. Exercise can really help increase your energy.
    Top reasons to exercise while pregnant

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    27. Eat small meals more frequently

    Cures for Pregnancy Nausea Frequent small snacks of crackers or other foods can help reduce pregnancy nausea, which is usually worse on an empty stomach.
    Mom recommended cures for pregnancy nausea

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    28. Trust your gut

    Picking the Right Doctor or Midwife The best tool for choosing the best care provider for you? Your gut. If someone has great recommendations and credentials but you just don’t like them, move on. You don’t want to dread your appointments, or dislike the person who delivers your baby!
    8 tips for picking the right doctor or midwife

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    29. Try keeping a journal

    Why My Pregnancy Journal Is Blank A pregnancy journal is a good way to record your feelings throughout this process. Journaling can also help you deal with any anxieties and think through big decisions.
    Why my pregnancy journal is blank

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    30. Take your time

    First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms Many women feel dizzy or lightheaded in the first trimester as their bodies struggle to keep up with all the work they’re doing. Be mindful of you how get up when sitting, and be sure to get enough protein.
    First trimester pregnancy symptoms

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    31. Use safe products

    Safe Beauty Products for Pregnant Women The safest personal care products to use during pregnancy? Look for skin and hair products without parabens. These can mimic estrogen in the body and have been linked to health problems.
    Safe beauty products for pregnant women

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