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    1: Don't rush to share the news

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Don't rush to share the news Don’t feel pressured into telling anyone about your pregnancy if you’re enjoying the privacy. Sharing the secret just between you and your partner can be a really special feeling.

    Some cute ways to break the news to your kids ... when you’re ready

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    2: You might drool a little

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: You might drool a little Noticing more saliva? This happens to some women during pregnancy. No one really knows why (but they blame hormones). You can’t stop it but you can try to keep it tasting pleasant with mints, toothpaste, or gum.

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    3: Not all cheese is safe

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Not all cheese is safe Unpasteurized cheeses and other dairy present a listeria risk during pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on interesting cheeses. Ask a local cheesemonger which types are safe for pregnant women.

    Six pregnancy-friendly cheeses you’ll love

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    4: Try to de-stress

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Try to de-stress The first and second months are a high point for pregnancy mood swings. They’re hormonally driven, but stress makes them worse. Exercise, sleep, a healthy diet, and stress-relieving activities can all help even you out.

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    5: Stick to the mocktail

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Stick to the mocktail Trying to get through a group-drinking situation without making your alcohol abstinence obvious? Order a cranberry and seltzer with a lime wedge — no one will know it’s not a real cocktail!

    Nine mocktails for pregnant women

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    6: Talk to your doc about vitamins

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Talk to your doc about vitamins If you’re having a hard time with your prenatal vitamins, tell your care provider. She can write a prescription for some that are made to be easy on the pregnant stomach.

    You can also get your vitamins by eating these foods

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    7: A good time to share the news? After the first trimester

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: A good time to share the news? After the first trimester Who should you tell and when? A good guideline: Tell anyone you’d feel okay about telling about a miscarriage. Otherwise, you might want to wait until after the first trimester.

    15 sweet ways expecting parents broke the big news

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    8: Get used to congestion

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Get used to congestion Stuffy noses, the result of swollen nasal membranes, are a fact of life for many pregnant women. Sleeping with your head a bit elevated can help, as can a humidifier.

    Buy a cute humidifier (your child can use it later!)

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    9: Keep nausea remedies on hand

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Keep nausea remedies on hand Emergency kit for pregnancy nausea: lemon candies, ginger candies, and/or mints, crackers, or other easy-to-eat, bland foods. And possibly an empty bag … just in case.

    Other ways to battle nausea and morning sickness

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    10: Be honest with your employer

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Be honest with your employer If you feel that your work is suffering from early pregnancy symptoms like nausea and exhaustion, you may want to let your employer know sooner than later about your pregnancy. Otherwise he or she may simply think you’re slacking off.

    How to tell your boss you’re pregnant

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    11: Bloating is common

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Bloating is common If your jeans feel like they already don’t fit at this point, bloating is probably to blame, due to progesterone. Nosh on smaller meals more frequently and take your time when eating to avoid swallowing air.

    Other symptoms you may experience in the first trimester — and how to deal with them

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    12: Your tastes may change

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Your tastes may change If you have a metallic taste in your mouth, you’re experiencing dysgeusia, an alteration of your sense of taste. It’s quite common during pregnancy. Sour, acidic foods can help.

    Don’t feel bad if you’re also experiencing bad breath

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    13: Try to avoid hair dyes

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Try to avoid hair dyes The idea that hair dye is dangerous during pregnancy isn’t backed up by hard science. But if you want to be on the safe side, you can wait until the second trimester, when the fetus is less vulnerable to birth defects.

    Why hair dying is safe during pregnancy, according to this mom

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    14: Headaches are common

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Headaches are common Headaches can be caused by your surging hormones and increased blood flow. Stay hydrated and try to stretch out tension in your body. If you’re having a hard time with headaches, you can also ask your doctor about acetaminophen.

    More remedies for common pregnancy pains

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    15: Take a nap!

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Take a nap! Your body is building blood volume and growing the placenta, which can cause extreme tiredness. It usually eases up by the 11th week. Short catnaps can be the most refreshing, unless you can sleep all day!

    10 tips to sleep better during your pregnancy

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    16: Skip the caffeine

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Skip the caffeine If you’re missing your usual hot beverage, try this caffeine-free pick-me-up: hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice and a slice of ginger root. Steep a minute or two then sip. It’s good for pregnancy nausea, too.

    Try pregnancy tea

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    17: Keep a list of questions

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Keep a list of questions You probably have tons of questions for your care provider, but in the heat of the moment it can be tough to remember them. Get in the habit of keeping a running list of concerns you can refer to at your appointments.

    Want to find the best prenatal care? Ask these questions first

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    18: Find support

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Find support Feeling a little lonely? The first trimester can be a really isolating time, especially if you’re keeping your pregnancy a secret from your usual social circle. The internet can be a great place to open up anonymously if you’re not ready to do so in real life.

    Why women with supportive communities have healthier pregnancies

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    19: Buy a maternity bra

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Buy a maternity bra If you’re finding nights with sore and tender breasts uncomfortable, try sleeping in a soft bra or camisole with a bra shelf.

    One of our favorite bras to sleep in

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    20: Prepare for heartburn

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Prepare for heartburn Heartburn can start in early pregnancy as a burning sensation, pain in the chest, or burping. Spicy, fatty, or acidic foods are often triggers, as is eating before bed.

    10 simple ways to ease heartburn

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    21: Watch what you eat

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Watch what you eat At lunchtime avoid deli meats and prepared salads like chicken or tuna (unless you make it yourself right before eating). Hard, or semi-soft, sliced cheeses are a safe option. So are hummus or other veggies.

    Try making your own hummus

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    22: You may need magnesium

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: You may need magnesium Craving chocolate? Some natural health practitioners think this means you need magnesium. Nuts, seeds, beans, and greens are good sources.

    Then again, here’s why chocolate is just what you might need

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    23: Keep it moving

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Keep it moving Constipation is common in early pregnancy as progesterone slows the metabolism. Eat fiber, drink water, and stay active to help keep things moving.

    Get more fiber in your diet with this pinto beans recipe

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    24: Stay connected to friends

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Stay connected to friends Feeling weird about breaking the news to a close friend or family member who’s struggling with infertility? Hiding your pregnancy won’t help. Be honest and sensitive when you let her know, and it will be easier for her to be happy for you.

    Words of comfort for infertile couples

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    25: Use safe nail polish

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Use safe nail polish Considering a mani/pedi? There’s no evidence that this is a problem in pregnancy, as long as you’re not in the nail salon every day inhaling fumes. Look for a nail polish that is DBP-, Tolulene-, and formaldehyde-free.

    A pedicure while pregnant just might feel better than sex

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    26: Some sushi may be okay

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Some sushi may be okay Some doctors think the prohibition against sushi in pregnancy is overstated. If you’re missing your sushi fix, avocado rolls are a pregnancy-safe option filled with healthy fats! You can also enjoy cooked fish or shrimp and other vegetable rolls.

    Make your own California shrimp rolls

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    27: Embrace your cravings

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Embrace your cravings Craving weird foods? Unless they’re unhealthy, don’t fight it. Your cravings will probably pipe down by the second trimester anyway.

    The 7 weirdest pregnancy cravings

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    28: Dress for your new body type

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Dress for your new body type Ruched, pleated, or draped clothes can help camouflage a thickening middle if you’d prefer to keep your pregnancy quiet. Avoid empire waist tops or dresses; they emphasize the swell of your belly.

    10 celeb tips for hiding your pregnancy

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    29: Flatulence is normal

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Flatulence is normal Flatulence is one of the more embarrassing symptoms of early pregnancy. It’s that digestion-slowing progesterone again. If you’re having a hard time, try cutting down on cruciferous veggies (like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts) and other gas-producing foods. Fiber intake can be a factor too.

    Other ways to handle pregnancy gas

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    30: "High-risk" doesn't mean you're doomed

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: If your pregnancy is classified as high-risk, don’t panic. The point of this classification is to be sure you’re well taken care of. It doesn’t mean that you and/or your baby are in danger.

    Why you may have a high-risk pregnancy

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    31: Schedule your tests at the right times

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: If you’re considering a chorionic villi sampling test, you’ll want to schedule it to be performed at around 10 weeks.

    Stay on schedule for your appointments with this printable chart

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    32: Don't worry be happy

    Your Pregnancy: Month 2: Don't worry be happy You may read that stress can be a danger in pregnancy — but don’t stress out about it! The kinds of stress that have been shown to have a negative impact are severe and uncommon, like the fallout from tragic events.

    “I’ll turn into my mother!” and 9 more common new mother fears

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