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    1: Choose a doctor you actually like

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Choose a doctor you actually like Now that you’ve had some time with him or her, how are you feeling about your care provider? If you’re not feeling like this is the best care for you, it’s okay to decide to change to another doctor or midwife.

    How to choose a good midwife

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    2: Relax after prenatal tests

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Relax after prenatal tests If you get an amnio, bring your partner or a close friend with you for support. Afterwards maybe take the day off, rest, see a movie. Some care providers even suggest half a glass of wine to help relax the uterus.

    Mom battles amnio — and wins

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    3: Your miscarriage risk has dropped

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Your miscarriage risk has dropped The miscarriage rate drops significantly in the second trimester, lifting some of that first-trimester anxiety and helping women feel more connected to their pregnancies.

    Consider coming out of the pregnancy closet

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    4: Morning sickness may subside

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Morning sickness may subside The placenta takes over a lot of the hormone production at 14-17 weeks. Most women find this shift makes morning sickness and exhaustion much less pronounced in subsequent months.

    Are you planning to encapsulate your placenta?

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    5: Your libido may increase

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Your libido may increase This is supposedly the sexy trimester … unless it isn’t. Some women experience a surge of libido in the second trimester while others just aren’t into it. Follow your own impulses!

    Everything you need to know about having sex during your pregnancy

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    6: Sex is safe

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Sex is safe Though many people worry about it, there is no way to hurt the baby during normal sexual intercourse. The fetus is protected by the amniotic fluid and probably doesn’t even feel it.

    What sex is like during each trimester

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    7: Fetal movements may take time

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Fetal movements may take time The end of pregnancy nausea is a huge relief. But it can also come with some worry — at least when you’re nauseous, you’re still pregnant! Hold tight for a few more weeks; fetal movements may begin to be noticeable soon.

    Why this mom’s severe morning sickness made her consider terminating

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    8: There's a name for baby's kicks

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: There's a name for baby's kicks Most first-time mothers start to feel fetal movements — known as quickening — at around 20 weeks.

    What you might confuse quickening for

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    9: Leg cramps are normal

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Leg cramps are normal Brief but incredibly painful leg cramps are common in pregnancy, especially at night. Try massaging and stretching your legs and eat foods rich in potassium and magnesium, like bananas.

    Battle leg cramps with bananas

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    10: Go organic when possible

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Go organic when possible These foods had the most pesticides in tests: berries, lettuce, grapes, potatoes, kale/ collard greens, cherries, spinach, sweet bell peppers, peaches/nectarines, apples, celery. Buy organic if you can.

    Buying organic on a budget

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    11: Make exercise fun

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Make exercise fun Once freed up from the incredible exhaustion of the first trimester, many women find that the notion of exercising finally seems within grasp. Do what you like to do: yoga, walking, running, swimming, hiking. It’s important you enjoy the workout as well as the health benefits.

    The health benefits of prenatal yoga

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    12: Stretch often

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Stretch often If you work at a desk job, you may start to feel uncomfortable with long stretches in your chair. Get up, walk around, stretch, and experiment with back support as your body weight changes.

    Exercise can also help reduce back pain

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    13: Avoid too much sun exposure

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Avoid too much sun exposure Cholasma, or “mask of pregnancy,” is a series of brown markings that can appear on some pregnant women’s cheeks, noses, and foreheads. It can’t always be prevented, but staying out of the sun can help. The marks fade after birth.

    How to help fight the splotchy marks from chloasma

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    14: You may feel fake contractions

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: You may feel fake contractions Braxton-Hicks contractions are noticeable but painless warm-up (or false) contractions. Some women feel them starting in the second trimester. Others never get them at all. Either way is perfectly normal and healthy.

    Make your Braxton-Hicks contractions more comfortable

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    15: There's no rush to share the name

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: There's no rush to share the name Feel free to stop talking about what you are thinking about naming your baby.

    10 reasons not to share the baby name

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    16: Glow isn't a given

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Glow isn't a given The glow of pregnancy isn’t a myth, but it isn’t a given either. Some women find that pregnancy improves their skin, while others have a range of dermatological complaints. If you don’t glow, you can always fake it!

    Thank you, Photoshop

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    17: But your hair has never looked so good!

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: But your hair has never looked so good! You’re probably documenting your growing belly but don’t forget to take some pictures of your luxurious mane. Your hair may never look as full and fabulous as it does during pregnancy!

    Then again ... your hair can also take a turn for the worse

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    18: Stretch marks will fade

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Stretch marks will fade Stretch marks can show up as early as the second trimester. Though it’s doubtful creams and oils do much to prevent them, there’s no harm trying if you’re so inclined. They will fade after the birth.

    Every mom’s experience with stretch marks is different

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    19: That dark line on your belly isn't permanent

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: That dark line on your belly isn't permanent The linea negra is a darkish, vertical line of pigment that develops on some mother’s bellies. It’s more common in women with darker complexions, and it’ll fade postpartum.

    9 more weird and random things about pregnancy

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    20: Try to sleep on your side

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Try to sleep on your side Though it’s sometimes recommended that women sleep on their sides in pregnancy, there’s no need to panic if you wake up on your back. (Chances are you won’t lie on your back long anyway, because it doesn’t feel that good.)

    Is sleeping on your back really so bad?

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    21: Your dreams may get strange

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Your dreams may get strange Sex dreams, even orgasmic dreams, are surprisingly common during pregnancy. They can happen both to women who find pregnancy increases their sex drive and to women for whom pregnancy makes them feel less sexual. Either way, enjoy them while they last.

    10 common pregnancy dreams decoded

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    22: Get earplugs for your bedmate

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Get earplugs for your bedmate Snoring is common in pregnancy, likely the result of sedated muscles. Try sleeping more on your side if you’re not already and get anyone sleeping nearby some earplugs. If it’s waking you up at night, tell your care provider.

    Ways to lessen loud snoring

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    23: Indulge yourself

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Indulge yourself Pregnancy is a great time to indulge yourself. Most spa treatments are safe during pregnancy, but you can double check when you book. There are also some treatments specifically designed for pregnant women’s skin and other needs.

    Get an ultrasound ... at the spa?

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    24: Get a massage

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Get a massage Some insurance companies cover prenatal massage, so be sure to see if yours does. Prenatal massage can help alleviate all kinds of aches and pains, as well as make you feel pampered and wonderful.

    The pros to pregnancy massages

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    25: Talk to other pregnant women

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Talk to other pregnant women Pregnant women can sometimes feel stuck in the middle. You’re not yet a mother, but you’re not a non-mother, either. This in-between feeling can be alienating, but it’s temporary. Talking to other pregnant women can help.

    Join an online message board

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    26: Avoid late-night "research"

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Avoid late-night research It can be hard not to Google a diagnosis when you wake up worried about a new pregnancy symptom in the middle of the night. Remember that the internet is no substitute for a real life medical professional — and Dr. Internet can stir up some serious anxiety.

    The dangers of Dr. Google

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    27: Don't rush to buy everything at once

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Don’t rush to buy everything at once You’re probably starting to get a sense of the mountain of products available for babies and new parents. Don’t feel compelled to buy everything you hear good things about, especially now. You’ll understand your needs better once the baby is born!

    The top 100 newborn essentials

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    28: Resist the urge … to be trendy

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Don’t rush to buy everything at once When shopping for maternity fashion, keep in mind that you’ll probably get more wear out of basics than trend pieces. And don’t forget to factor in the inevitable stains from dropping food on your belly!

    Pregnancy wardrobe staples

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    29: Create unique keepsakes

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: Create unique keepsakes For a fun keepsake, stand in the same position, wearing the same clothes, and photograph your belly at regular intervals in pregnancy. Then you can play the photos in sequence and see your belly grow!

    6 more ways to document your pregnancy

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    30: It's okay to be pregnancy-obsessed

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: It's okay to be pregnancy-obsessed At some point you may realize that you don't find anything that's not about pregnancy interesting. You may have to feign interest at work but don’t feel bad about narrowing your focus otherwise; it’s a natural response to what’s going on.

    Channel your energy into organizing and nesting for your baby with this app!

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    31: You're not a bad mother

    Your Pregnancy: Month 4: You're not a bad mother Some women love being pregnant, others don’t. Lots of women are somewhere in between. It’s great if you love being pregnant, but realize if you don’t, this doesn’t have any bearing on your future abilities as a mother.

    Why this mom didn’t enjoy her pregnancy

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