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    1: Think about who you want in the delivery room

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Think about who you want in the delivery room You may be thinking a little bit about who will be with you for the birth. As labor is a vulnerable time, it’s a good idea to pick someone you feel really comfortable with and not judged by.

    Just try not to break your birth partner’s hand when you’re contracting

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    2: Wear your seat belt

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Wear your seat belt Pregnant women often worry that a seat belt could be dangerous to the baby. But wearing a seat belt is always safer than not wearing one in a moving vehicle. Fasten it below your belly and place the shoulder strap above.

    A comfy seatbelt for pregnant women

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    3: "Mommy brain" is real

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Mommy brain is real People say women become spacey on mommy brain. Yes, you may be forgetting some things, but it’s not because you’ve become dull. It’s because you have something important that has captivated your attention.

    9 ways pregnancy changes your brain

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    4: Take advantage of free time

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Mommy brain is real If you’ve got a lot of downtime, enjoy movies, crafting, reality TV, gossip magazines — anything that will help pass the hours. If you’re interested in reading about what it’s like to be a creative person and mother, you might just love A Life’s Work by Rachel Cusk.

    10 more resourceful pregnancy books

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    5: Stay hydrated

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Stay hydrated It’s so important to get enough fluids throughout pregnancy. Try drinking coconut water to replenish your electrolytes naturally while you keep your body hydrated.

    One crucial summer tip for pregnant women

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    6: Any chair will do

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Any chair will do Designated nursing chairs — rocker/gliders — are terrifically comfortable and may be used for years, especially if you have more than one baby. But any comfortable chair or couch works fine for breastfeeding if you opt out of this specific purchase.

    The best modern nursery rockers

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    7: No meat, no problem

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: No meat, no problem Some pregnant women find they are repulsed by meat. The good news is that a well-balanced, protein-packed vegetarian diet is great for pregnant women.

    Being a vegetarian while pregnant is totally possible

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    8: Try a bra strap extender

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Try a bra strap extender Your bras may be beginning to get tight around the band as your torso widens. Instead of buying a larger band size, try a bra strap extender. Then you can take it out and wear the same bra post-pregnancy.

    Maternity bras that’ll make you feel pretty

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    9: You're not really eating for two

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: You're not really eating for two You are not technically eating for two. You’re eating for one plus about 300 extra calories (that’s a yogurt and some toast). If you find you want to eat constantly, try to pick healthy snacks rather than those with lots of sugar or fat.

    Why eating for two can make you heavier for the rest of your life

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    10: Sip your veggies

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Sip your veggies If all those plates of recommended leafy greens are making your stomach turn, consider drinking carrot and/or veggie juices to get the nutrients you need. Fresh ginger can be a nice addition, too.

    Make green ginger juice

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    11: Get Vitamin D

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Get Vitamin D Vitamin D is important during pregnancy. Vitamin D-rich foods include enriched cereals, milk, soy, and fish. It also comes from the sun, so when it’s warm, lay out in the sun for a bit (just do it early or late in the day to avoid any burning).

    5 tips for sunbathing safely while pregnant

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    12: If you feel depressed, seek help

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: If you feel depressed, seek help Depression during pregnancy is more common than once thought. If you find yourself feeling persistently sad or anxious, seek professional counseling. Depressed women are more likely to have pregnancy complications.

    The stigma of depression during pregnancy

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    13: Stay mobile on the plane

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Stay mobile on the plane If you take any plane trips during pregnancy, you’ll want to be sure to get up and walk around during the flight. This reduces the risk of blood clots, which is higher when you fly … and when you’re pregnant.

    10 tips for flying while pregnant

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    14: Make sure you're comfortable with your care provider

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Make sure you're comfortable with your care provider Be open with your care provider and always ask for clarification if something is confusing. It’s important to feel confident that you can ask all your questions — and have them all answered. Good communication will also help when you’re in labor.

    10 questions to ask your OB or midwife

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    15: Poop happens

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Poop happens It’s common for women to fear pooping in labor. But don’t worry, if it does happen, it’ll be cleaned up so fast you’ll never even know about it. Doctors and midwives have seen it all before.

    “I’m scared to poop in front of my husband!”

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    16: Think about your new priorities

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Think about your new priorities It’s sometimes hard to imagine how you'll handle motherhood and career/work, but this can be a very productive time to think about your priorities and your family's needs. 

    How this mom found balance

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    17: Join a community

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Join a community Connect with other pregnant women now — online and in person — so you can build a base for the supportive community you’ll need when you’re a mom.

    The top 50 Twitter moms

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    18: Have fun with the baby shower

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Have fun with the baby shower If you’re not into the traditional baby shower concept, there are some fun alternatives: a coed shower or a celebration after the baby is born are two options.

    Throw a Dr. Seuss baby shower

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    19: This isn't the end of your life

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: This isn't the end of your life Are people telling you to get your fun in now while you still can? By all means let loose — but don’t feel pressured. Yes, your life will change, but there will still be opportunities for a good time!

    Go on a babymoon

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    20: Be careful making sharp moves

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Be careful making sharp moves You may feel quick, sharp pains when you move sharply or roll over in bed at night. If you know you’re going to make a sharp movement, you can flex your hips to try to relax the ligaments connected to the uterus and avoid what’s called “round ligament pain.”

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    21: It's not like the movies

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: It's not like the movies Birth in the movies and on TV shows —a even "reality" shows — is scripted and edited for drama. Turn these shows off if they are freaking you out!

    My birth was not the romantic comedy I expected!

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    22: Yoga can help back pain

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Yoga can help back pain Experiencing lower back pain? Try some yoga: Sit on your knees with your legs wide enough to make space for your belly. Bend forward at the hips, stretching out the back. This variation on child’s pose is sometimes called “mama’s pose.”

    10 ways to relieve pregnancy back pain

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    23: Sex has its benefits, even right now

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Sex has its benefits, even right now Sex during pregnancy can have some real perks. Increased blood flow can make you more sensitive and make orgasms more intense. And hey, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant!

    How your orgasms can be different during pregnancy

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    24: Weird dreams are actually normal

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Weird dreams are actually normal Many pregnant women report romantic dreams about past boyfriends, sometimes with surprising intensity. Don’t worry; these are thought to represent your personal transition rather than an actual desire for the actual guy.

    10 pregnancy dreams decoded

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    25: Order furniture sooner rather than later

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Order furniture sooner rather than later If you’re planning on ordering nursery furniture, you’ll probably want to think about it sooner rather than later. Some children’s furniture companies have looooooooong lead times.

    The best cribs for 2011

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    26: You're not going to please everyone

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: You're not going to please everyone When your grandmother tells you she wants you to name the baby after your great uncle Horace (who you only met twice), it’s okay to just smile.

    The 10 most hated baby names

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    27: Milk it

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Milk it Something you shouldn’t forget to do while pregnant: take some liberties. This is one of the few times in life where you can be unpredictable and a little selfish without being hated for it.

    Go ahead, ask for these awesome gifts

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    28: Don't be shy about needing something

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Don't be shy about needing something Are people offering you seats on public transportation yet? If they’re not, it might be because they aren’t sure if you’re pregnant or not. One study showed this was the main reason people didn’t stand up. Yeah, right.

    Who gives up a seat to a pregnant lady?

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    29: Focus on your health

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Focus on your health Though the message to eat well during pregnancy can understandably trigger crappy feelings about our culture’s often unhealthy obsession with dieting, the motivation here is less suspect: eating real (not processed) food improves pregnancy and birth outcomes.

    7 ways to make your pregnancy cravings healthy

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    30: Eat lots of greens

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Eat lots of greens As the mother of modern midwifery Ina May Gaskin once said, “You can’t go wrong with leafy greens.” These veggies are packed with iron and folate and lots of other great things for pregnancy.

    What to eat during pregnancy – a mini guide

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    31: Physical activity is actually good for you

    Your Pregnancy: Month 6: Physical activity is actually good for you It’s a myth that pregnant women should rest all the time. Physical activity — especially anything involving walking, squatting, and bending forward — can reduce aches and pains and help prepare mom for a smoother labor.

    Pregnancy exercises you can do at home — no equipment necessary

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