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    1: Invest in a belly band

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Invest in a belly band Special pregnancy belly bands can help with lower back pain and pelvic pressure.

    The prenatal cradle pregnancy support band

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    2: Pillows are your new friends

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Pillows are your new friends Full-body pillows can make the difference between endless tossing and turning and a decent (if not entirely uninterrupted) night’s sleep. You can also try putting pillows between your legs at night.

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    3: Sit up straight

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Sit up straight Sit up straight when you’re at the computer. It’s hard with all that weight pulling your shoulders forward but it’ll ultimately help prevent or reduce back pain.

    If you’re working at the office, you may actually find it enjoyable!

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    4: Circumcision — it's your call

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Circumcision — it's your call In America, about 60% of baby boys are circumcised. The American Academy of Pediatrics is neutral on the subject, stating that it is neither medically necessary nor harmful. In the end, this is a very personal choice, do what feels right to you.

    Why this mom refused to circumcise her son

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    5: Little things help relieve heartburn

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Little things help relieve heartburn Elevate your head at night if you're having lots of heartburn. Also drink small amounts of water frequently, take papaya enzyme, and avoid big meals before bedtime.

    10 ways to relieve pregnancy heartburn

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    6: Get creative with keepsakes

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Get creative with keepsakes Soon you’ll be a good candidate for a plaster belly cast. This elegant sculpture, made from a take-home kit, can be a nice keepsake, always reminding you of a very special time.

    Host a belly cast party

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    7: Try to avoid high heels

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Try to avoid high heels Women often find they get more and more clumsy later in pregnancy. Avoid wearing high heels if you aren’t already.

    Tips to help your swollen feet

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    8: Take advantage of the registry

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Take advantage of the registry Don’t be shy about using a registry for a baby shower or baby gifts — this is historically a time when the community comes together to help launch a new family. Plus, it can help you organize your shopping list.

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    9: Baby slings are great

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Baby slings are great Baby slings and carriers are fantastically practical and comfortable for parents and generally appreciated by babies. They are a nice alternative, or supplement, to strollers when it comes to getting mobile with your baby.

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    10: Find out your maternity-leave options

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Find out your maternity-leave options Talk to your employers or human resources staff about all possible maternity-leave options. You may qualify for some disability benefits.

    Where’s the best place to be a mother?

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    11: You may actually see baby's kicks

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: You may actually see baby's kicks The baby’s movements are now going to get bigger and possibly visible on the surface of your belly. Get out the video camera.

    Find out how to take cute photos of your newborn too!

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    12: You don't need every gadget

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: You don't need every gadget A wise mother once said, “Babies are cheap — I mean priceless.” You don't have to buy every single gadget made for babies. Really, you don’t.

    10 baby gadgets you’ll actually use

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    13: Who'll keep you company in the delivery room?

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Who'll keep you company in the delivery room? Think about whom you want with you for the birth. Choose people you trust and feel comfortable with. Feeling safe is important in labor, as it’s a vulnerable time.

    Would you let your kids watch you give birth?

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    14: Learn the difference between early and active labor

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Learn the difference between early and active labor Braxton-Hicks contractions go away when you change position or drink water; labor contractions don’t. Real labor contractions become stronger, longer, and closer together over time.

    The difference between early and active labor

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    15: Keep a water bottle on hand

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Keep a water bottle on hand Dehydration is the leading cause of premature labor, so even if it means constant trips to the bathroom, make sure to drink lots of water. If you’re thirsty, you’re already a little dehydrated.

    Carry one of these reusable water bottles with you

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    16: A little incontinence is normal

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: A little incontinence is normal Right now, the baby’s head (or foot or butt) is literally pressing down on your bladder. Frequent runs to the bathroom and a little incontinence is normal. It’ll most likely resolve post-pregnancy.

    10 fun things about peeing yourself

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    17: Keep up those Kegels!

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Keep up those Kegels! Kegels — pelvic-floor exercises — are great for women to do at all phases of life. In late pregnancy they help tighten the pelvic-floor muscles and may help prevent incontinence postpartum and even the risk of tearing.

    10 facts about your pelvic floor

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    18: It's ok to tune some people out

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: It's ok to tune some people out Somehow people think it’s acceptable to suggest to a pregnant woman that she must be carrying twins. Maybe they are just amazed by how awesomely pregnant you are? Feel free to ignore them.

    10 things you should never say to a pregnant woman

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    19: Enjoy some chocolate

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Enjoy some chocolate Eating (real) chocolate during pregnancy can reduce the risk of the pregnancy complication preeclampsia and improve your mood. Could this explain this very common pregnancy craving? Who cares? Have some chocolate.

    A good enough reason for you to eat some chocolate

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    20: Think about breastfeeding

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Think about breastfeeding Though not every woman is able to do it, breastfeeding has lots of health benefits for both mothers and babies: It has been associated with reduced rates of obesity, asthma, allergies, and infections in babies. In moms it helps the uterus shrink back to shape and may even prevent some cancers.

    Breastfeeding can benefit you after just one month

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    21: Nest!

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Nest! Nesting can be intense: Women are hardwired to make sure the home is ready for the baby. Go for it. All the physical activity is good for you. Just get someone else to carry actual furniture.

    Guys nest, too

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    22: "Pregnancy brain" is real

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: You may be a little forgetful and spaced out these days, but this is not because you’ve become dumb! In fact, in some ways, you’ve become smarter. It’s just that now you’re more focused on other things (the baby).

    ... Or is pregnancy brain a myth?

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    23: Shop around

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Shop around When buying a stroller, think about where you are and when you'll use it. City parents have different needs than suburban or country parents. 

    The best strollers for every lifestyle

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    24: Stay connected

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Stay connected Being at home with your newborn can be unbelievably fulfilling and wonderful, but it can also feel isolating sometimes. Look now for ways to connect with other new moms — both online and in real life!

    Top 30 parent listserv networks

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    25: Install the car seat soon

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Install the car seat soon Hospitals and birth centers require that you have an infant car seat in order to be released. If you own a car, have it installed before the baby’s born. If not, bring a portable one to the hospital.

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    26: You will learn as you go

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: You will learn as you go Are you getting a little freaked out about taking care of a baby? It’s perfectly normal; there’s a lot of new information to absorb. But rest assured, you will learn really fast, and the best teacher will be your own baby.

    How to combat new mom fears

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    27: Baby may be fuzzy at birth ... literally

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Baby may be fuzzy at birth ... literally Babies are sometimes born covered in a soft, downy fuzz called lanugo. It can be startling to see a baby so furry, but it’ll shed over the first few months.

    Other weird but natural conditions with your newborn’s skin

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    28: Avoid scary birth stories

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Avoid scary birth stories If you are watching dramatic reality shows about birth, it’s now time to turn them off. They can be exciting but very worrisome. Read some normal birth stories instead. Now is the time to build confidence not fear.

    Real women share their birth stories

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    29: Bonding is almost immediate

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Bonding is almost immediate Right after birth is a great time to hold and talk to and feed your baby. Skin-to-skin contact is especially comforting. Though this will be your first official meeting, your baby already knows your smell, sound and touch.

    The real key to bonding with your baby

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    30: The amount of breast milk you produce depends on the demand

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: The amount of breast milk you produce depends on the demand Breastfeeding works via supply and demand. The more the baby feeds, the more milk your body will make. Breastfeeding experts and pediatricians recommend feeding “on demand:” whenever the baby wants, or about 8-12 times a day.

    Babble’s breastfeeding guide

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    31: Consider a doula

    Your Pregnancy: Month 7: Consider a doula Consider a labor support doula. Many studies show good labor support reduces the chances of a C-section and shortens the length of labor.

    5 common myths about doulas

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