Pregnancy Olympics: Shaving

I knew over the next week I would be seeing various doctors, whether it is my urologist, an on call provider in the hospital, my midwife, or whoever this blasted kidney stone is going to bring me in contact with, so I thought it would be a great idea to try to shave my legs. Key word in that phrase: try.

I am sure if anyone was an outsider watching the project, it would have looked pretty damn comical. Let me set the scene.

Nearly 26 weeks pregnant, no longer able to see too far down below, sitting on the side of my retro 1950’s bathtub that came with the house…

Razor… check
Husband’s electric razor… check
Shaving cream… DAMNIT we ran out!
Bar of soap? … Check
Wash cloth… Check

Ok, Well I guess I am ready…

Turn the water on, and instead of the warm water I was expecting, my legs get pelted with freezing cold water despite running to warm up for a whole 30 seconds. Someone must have been doing laundry! UGH!  Hey, I should just be happy my husband was helping out around the house while I am under the weather.

Then the real fun came… trying to position myself in such a way that I could actually get all the way down towards my feet, all the way around my leg, and not slice some kind of muscle or something that makes me able to walk during the process.

Eventually I did really the best that I could without slipping or breaking a bone on top of my bum kidney… can you imagine the headlines that would have made?  Pregnant woman seriously injured in home while SHAVING… Totally my kind of luck these days.

Although I am just happy I can continue to poke fun at myself while experiencing more pain than my last c-section brought me, praying this little grain of sand passes quickly before I take matters into my own hands.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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