Pregnancy Pain…In My Butt!

Pregnancy is a pain in my butt. Literally.

I’m not sure how far along I was in my first pregnancy when my buttcheek began to hurt. It was toward the end because I was waddling already and the butt pain added a limp to the waddle and slowed me down more than I already was. It was a deep, defined pain, one that felt like it would stop if only I could pop the something deep in my butt that was tensing with every step I took. But nothing brought that “pop” of relief I imagined. Instead I shuffled along with every step making my butt hurt, sometimes sidling around corners crablike rather than trying to pivot my way around them because that pivot action made my butt hurt worse.

I was a sight, let me tell you.

I had heard of back pain in pregnancy but butt pain? I asked my doctor about it at the time and was told it was fairly common and maybe physical therapy could help. I never took the steps to find that out because eventually the butt pain left me and I forgot about it.

Until it came back during this pregnancy, of course. The first twinge in my butt brought my previous experience back in sharp relief.

The best explanation I’ve had for the stabbing sensation I feel deep in my left buttcheek when I walk is posterior pelvic pain (which I think is fancy medical terminology for “pain in the butt”). Since the pain is in my butt, not my back, I was actually afraid it was sciatica but a little reading convinced me that sciatica is way rarer than people think and I’m not one of the unlucky few who has it. Instead what I have is a pelvis that is shifting around like the San Andreas Fault as my uterus grows and the result is butt pain. And because everything about a second pregnancy happens sooner, it’s been going on for weeks now, off and on.

I manage to get some relief by sleeping with a body pillow between my knees. That alone nearly solved the problem for a few weeks. But I guess something has changed over the past couple of days and now the pain is back. Gentle stretching doesn’t seem to do it so I’ve pulled out the support belt I bought a while ago. The first time I tried it, all it did was ride up and annoy me but now that my belly is bigger it fits well and OH THE SWEET RELIEF. I can actually walk without feeling like I’m being stabbed in the glutes.

I’m really hoping that the next shift of my pelvis and uterus takes some of the pressure off my butt so I can walk pain free – and support belt free – again. If that doesn’t happen, well, at least I won’t be pregnant forever.

Have you had pelvic pain? How did you deal with it?


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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