Pregnancy Photo's | Do's & Don'ts For Beautiful Shots!

Yes, Yes it is.

I’m no professional photographer, but I am an artist who injects creativity into pretty much everything I can. I had great fun in curating ensembles and choreographing idears for both of my past shoots, so I thought I’d share them all with you.

I’ve noticed some contrasting opinions on the subject of maternity photo shoots, and am surprised by the number of expectant momma’s out there who aren’t into it, feel unattractive during pregnancy, don’t want to show thier bellies, etc.

Ultimately, it’s all a matter of personal choice of course. However, y’all are sexy! Back fat and all! You magnificent, life bearing goddesses of wanton desire!

I also have some sage recommendations on steering away from photo’s you’ll regret, or your kids will be traumatized by, or are waaaay overdone, (yes I’m talking about the clasped hands made in to a heart over yo’ baby belly – don’t get your knickers in a knot if that was you only yesterday. I did it with the 1st one too. Just sayin’.) A while back ago, Cerdiwen showed us just how bizarre things can get. Follow me after the jump for some ohhh’s and ahhh’s with tips, and some pretty self explanatory yikes!

  • Do: Get Outside 1 of 18
    Weather permitting of course. Although one could brave the elements and don nothing but a parka and some frilly panties to dance around the crisp white snow come sunset. All for the sake of art, right? I joke. Or do I? At any rate, understandably, so many maternity sessions are done in studio. I'm pregnant. Now twice. I'm not the petite and pretty pregnant. I'm the gal you find wedged in line at the Farmer's Market for peanut butter cookies, lavender shortbread and ice-cream. Studio shoots = privacy. No arguments here. Particularly if you're going to do anything in less than fully clothed (that's my PC way of saying naked or partially naked). But there's something about being outside. Taking that natural beauty of a woman who's ready to bring new life into the world and placing her in the majesty of the great outdoors is simply breathtaking. Champ up woman! You'll have these photo's to cherish forever. So there.
  • Don’t… 2 of 18
    Get all Jane of the jungle.
  • Do: Keepin’ It Real on The Homestead 3 of 18
    This is where we are most comfortable. Or should be, right? It's a timeless way to capture where a couple was when with child, unguarded and completely relaxed. While I may have done some shots outside in a toga sheet, I'll admit to being extremely self-conscious about it. I felt much more at ease at home.
  • Don’t… 4 of 18
    Hug a tree. Rather uncomfortable, no?
  • Do: Keep it Simple 5 of 18
    No matter where you are, no need for big props or a fancy set. The beauty is and should be, the mother with child. The story that's being told can be natural AND bold. No rules against that. Choose a colourful back-drop (or brightly coloured wall) and coordinating fabrics in your clothing (or what little clothing you choose) that contrast with your background.
  • Don’t… 6 of 18
    Be overtly obnoxious. Because, really. Really?
  • Do: Help Her Feel Like The Wanton Life Goddess of Desire That She IS. 7 of 18
    Generally, we don't feel like a Demi Moore when pregnant. One might even go so far as to say we relate strongly to the grim reaper or a slug. That doesn't mean we aren't total babe's. Dark eye circles, double chins, back fat and all. Obviously a wee bit of concealer and some clever shooting will highlight our strong points and showcase the blooming beauty that is ours. If you are lucky enough to have a photographer who is your friend, then you are set. They know you know what you don't find particularly attractive about yourself and they will do their darnedest to make you feel BOSS. That, coupled with how amazing your partner better be in pouring it on thick, gooey and deserved - you should be set.
  • Don’t Be Trashy. 8 of 18
    Uhm yea. No explanation needed? Niiiice.
  • Do: Get Sexy 9 of 18
    You're in a loving relationship. You have a stable home. While that may not always be the case, today we're here to talk about the beauty of when we're lucky enough for that to happen. Showcase that action yo'! This is your purest form of love, on the threshhold of a lifetime of memories. Make these ones speak volumes about who you are, your passion for each-other, your happiness, even your vulnerabilities.
  • Don’t… 10 of 18
    WTF is that/this even? Once again, are you gonna collage this for your friends and family to admire over the years? Yourself for that matter? How about your kids? If you are feeling really sexy in your pregnancy, sure. I'm far from a prude, but I respect other people's comfort levels. Take some separate couple's photo's for y'all to savour. Privately.
  • Do: Be Silly 11 of 18
    Once again there is no rule book that says you have to be all Hallmark Precious Moments. Represent who you are, let you personalities shine through.
  • Don’t… 12 of 18
    Note the fine line between charming humour and oh geez, mum and dad! Can you take that picture down?! It's SO embarrassing!
  • Do: Sibling Love 13 of 18
    If you are on another round of pregnancy, remember that this baby is entering into a family. Include your other clid(ren), even pets in some of the shots. Good pictures should tell a story and make everyone feel special, loved, included and remembered. image courtesy: Mylan Photographics
  • Don’t… 14 of 18
    Get all all crazy with Kung Fu and Photoshop.
  • Do: Get Creative 15 of 18
    Put your mind to work a little. Hopefully you have a great photographer who has some original ideas. Don't be afraid to conjure up some of your own. Get creative with colour play, lens angle and unique, everyday objects. Image Courtesy: Red Works Photography. Featuring Jennifer Podemski.
  • Don’t… 16 of 18
    Be a clown. Just don't.
  • Don’t.. 17 of 18
    Please. Just plain old, nope.
  • Don’t… 18 of 18
    Be creepy

As I’ve mentioned already, you want to treasure these photo’s when you are old and grey. You’ll be proud of the thought and attention you put into making it happen.

Are you a fan of maternity photo shoots? If not, why not? If you are, share some of your ideas!

All watermarked images by Red Works Photography, (unless otherwise linked). ‘Don’t’ images courtesy Awkward Family Photo’s [dot] com.

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