My Top 9 Pregnancy Road Trip Essentials

My husband and I will be taking a road trip this weekend.  We’ll be driving from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver B.C. and the trip will be quite lengthy.

We took a road trip to San Francisco over the summer and even though I was only three months pregnant at the time, I wish I’d been more prepared.  I spent a lot of the trip being uncomfortable and feeling gross from the sub par food choices I was making.

Now at 6 months pregnant, I’ve learned my lesson and I’m planning ahead.  I’ve come up with My Top 9 Pregnancy Road Trip Essentials that will make this trip a better one than the last.

Read my list of essentials after the jump – and feel free to make your own suggestions!

  • Pillows 1 of 9
    Prop them behind your back, under your butt, or wherever you're feeling uncomfortable. The aches and pains are just par for the course when it comes to road tripping, but pillows can definitely alleviate some of the discomfort.
  • A blanket 2 of 9
    A blanket
    My body temperature seems to be all out of whack these days. I'm hot one minute and cold the next, so dressing in layers and having a blanket on hand for the cold moments is key for road tripping.
  • A cooler with healthy snacks 3 of 9
    A cooler with healthy snacks
    Avoid the trail of high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified foods that those drive thrus serve up (along with the ensuing carb crash later) with protein packed snacks that you can stash in a cooler. My favorites are cheese, hard boiled eggs, almonds and KIND bars.
  • Stopping every couple of hours to take breaks 4 of 9
    Stopping every couple of hours to take breaks
    When you're sitting for a long period of time during pregnancy blood clots can develop, so stopping every couple of hours while road tripping is crucial.
  • Compression socks 5 of 9
    Compression socks
    In addition to taking breaks to get out and walk around, compression socks can help improve circulation and decrease swelling during your trip.
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  • Lots of water 6 of 9
    Lots of water
    Dehydration is the last thing I want to worry about on my road trip, so I'll be bringing along a water bottle and refilling regularly. It'll also give me a good excuse to stop and walk around ever couple of hours to take bathroom breaks and refill.
  • Pregnancy audio books 7 of 9
    Pregnancy audio books
    This may be the only chance you'll have to get your husband to "read" these books, so strike while the iron is hot. "The Expectant Father" just might be right up his alley.
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  • A properly fitted seat belt 8 of 9
    A properly fitted seat belt
    When riding in the car during pregnancy, always make sure the lap belt is secured under your belly and over your hips and position your seat at a distance of 10" from the dashboard. My husband is a stickler with me on this.
  • A comfortable traveling outfit 9 of 9
    A comfortable traveling outfit
    My idea of a great travel outfit is one that is layered, so I can remove layers or add them depending on the temperature and one that is comfortable, but not so comfortable that I'm embarrassed to get out of the car and be seen at rest stops. Leggings, a comfy top, a cardigan and comfortable boots are my idea of easy comfort.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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