The Pregnancy Roller Coaster of Emotions

roller coaster of emotions
The Roller Coaster of Emotions!

One minute you are on a high, then watch out – that steep decline is ahead. Before you know it you are doing loopy loops! What am I talking about? The pregnancy roller coaster of emotions, of course!

I am hoping my family has their hands up in the air and ready for this ride. With only 7 weeks left, my emotions are on overdrive – and I need them to hop on and just enjoy the ride. I really hate feeling bi-polar, though knowing it’s pregnancy does help.

Blame rising hormone levels. Experts have found a relationship between hormone levels and the brain’s neurotransmitters — especially serotonin, a chemical that regulates mood. “There are certain women who are more sensitive to those shifting hormones,” says Robin Kopelman, MD, MPH, assistant professor at the University of Iowa’s department of psychiatry. source:

Even if you aren’t subjected to the crazy hormone imbalance, the other crazies of pregnancy can also trigger the emotional roller coaster. Think about the fatigue, lack of sleep, and every day stresses that pregnancy brings with it.

So if your world feels upside down. Or if you find yourself crying at OnStar commercials (hey don’t judge! those stories of how OnStar can come to the rescue in crisis are tear worthy!). Or even if you find yourself saluting a fellow driverĀ  who cut you off with one particular finger (again, don’t judge) – just know that it’s all worth it.

Someday – post pregnancy, when your little baby is finally letting you sleep – that ride on the roller coaster of emotions will of been worth it. For now, just sit down – buckle up – and enjoy the ride!

Did You Ride The Roller Coaster of Emotion During Your Pregnancy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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