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    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump

    If youve tried having sex while pregnant, you know that it can be like a comical game of Twister that ends with you huffing and puffing, your partner sweating, and a frantic call to your OB/GYN. But it doesn't have to be this way. When you know the best positions for sex during pregnancy, it is possible to maintain an active sex life, albeit with a few modifications. Read on for the top 10 best sex positions during pregnancy — and then try one or two out tonight!
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    Woman on top

    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: Woman on top You probably know how to do this one from your pre-pregnancy days: Sit upright on top of your partner, straddling his hips. Being on top during your pregnancy is a great way to keep your partners weight off your belly. You get to control the depth of penetration, plus hell have easy access to your larger-than-usual breasts.

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    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: Side-by-side You already know that lying on your left side is best during pregnancy to increase blood flow to the placenta. But did you know that lying on your left is also a great position for lovemaking? Have your partner spoon you from behind, and don't forget to use extra pillows to support your belly or take the pressure off your lower back, especially during the third trimester.

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    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: Doggie style This position allows lots of room for your belly to be free while giving your partner full access to your vagina and clitoris when he enters you from behind. For a more comfortable variation, rest your weight on your forearms instead of your hands, or use pillows to support your upper body. Just make sure he doesn't thrust too deeply, since hell be the one in control of the action.

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    Modified missionary

    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: Modified missionary Lying on your back for an extended period of time is a no-no during pregnancy, but this position can work if you support yourself with pillows under your tush and/or lower back. Reclining onto the bed, you can rest your feet on your partners chest and relax while he does all the work. This position is great for partners who want to look into each others eyes.

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    Reverse cowgirl

    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: Reverse cowgirl This is much like the woman-on-top position, except you face your partners feet instead. This position keeps the weight off your belly and allows you to control the pace and depth of movement. Try straddling your partners legs, or put your legs inside the V of his legs and lean forward on some pillows. Hell get a great view of your rear. If you choose to sit upright, he can also caress your breasts.

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    Stand and deliver

    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: Stand and deliver This position requires that you stand with your back facing your lover, so that you can lift one of your legs and rest it on a chair, giving him easy access for rear entry and taking the pressure off your belly. You can also try leaning on a counter to support yourself. If youre looking for a little variety in your love life, this is fun to try outside the bedroom ...

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    Seated sensation

    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: Seated sensation Have your partner sit in a chair. Lower yourself on top while facing him with your legs on either side of his hips. This position can be extremely intimate, because it allows for lots of kissing. It also allows you to control how deep the penetration is and takes pressure off swollen feet and legs.

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    Mirror, mirror

    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: Mirror, mirror For many couples, the pregnant female form is a huge turn-on. With your partner sitting on the edge of the bed, have a seat on his lap while facing away from him. Enjoy controlling the speed and depth of penetration as the two of you gaze into a full-length mirror. Take some time to really appreciate the view.

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    The lean back

    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: The lean back Lie back on the bed with your butt near the edge, and support your head and lower back with pillows. Now let your legs dangle. Your partner can get on his knees and enter you, while you lie back and let him do all the work!

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    A new angle

    The best ways to have sex with a baby bump: A new angle During the third trimester, when theres literally no getting around the baby belly, try lying on your left side, supported by as many pillows as possible. Now have your partner hop up on the bed and put one of your legs on his shoulder while the other one rests on the bed. This will give him full access — just be sure to communicate how deep he should go, since he's the one doing the work here!

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