Pregnancy Sex: Take Advantage!

Oh Oh OOOHHHH! I’m so glad to be in the middle of my second trimester. It’s an exciting time for many pregnant women when our libidos are in overdrive and the outcome is ah-maz-ing. My dreams are even raging with hormones. Last night I dreamt that my husband and I had sex 5 — FIVE — times and I still couldn’t get enough (yes, I have sex dreams about the hubs, that’s how crazy I am about him). He woke up to me sneaking up on him for a little morning-before-the-kids-wake lovin’. He’s a lucky man and I’m a lucky woman. Not all dudes are gaga-crazy-must-have for their pregnant ladies.  I’ve experienced both. You see, my first kid is with my ex-husband. Our libidos never really matched, and while pregnant they got even further apart. That’s when I busted out my …



Vibrator. And oh, did that little piece of magical machinery make life wonderful. I wore that little sucker out, seriously. So ladies, if your hubs is not into it, take things into your own hands (pun intended and with doctors approval). That way you won’t miss out on those mind-blowing orgasms. If sex isn’t  your husband’s thing right now, it’s not the only way to bond with him during this time. Try talking to him or cuddling or whatever it is that will strengthen your relationship while you wait for baby to arrive.

With my second kid, I had a new man, matching libidos of cray-cray and my mind was blown! There’s just something about that closeness and intimacy with some wild explosions thrown in that really makes our connection stronger. But it’s not always easy with the giant belly. I’ve had to take a break to ease a stomach cramp or catch a breath (my doctors told me not to worry about those stomach pains so I don’t, but you should talk to your doc if you have any concerns). Positions can be tricky. Here’s a great list of the best ones to try during this physically challenging time. My personal favorite is number ten, the lean back. Give it a try and lay on the corner or the side of the bed, then rest your legs on his chest or let him hold them.  That way, if you are up for it, you can still participate in the thrusting to get what is needed vaginally and there’s plenty of access to the clitoris. One thing I’ve had to cut down on is the length of our sexual adventures, so beware that you will tire much more quickly, but at least you can lie together afterward in blissful harmony.

Go light a candle and put on your favorite sex tunes and enjoy this time with your partner or with yourself.

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