Pregnancy Speed: Is Yours Fast or Slow?

Is it dragging or flying for you?

I ran into neighbor the other day whom I clearly haven’t seen in a while, as she thought my almost-3- year-old was still a baby.

“That big girl over there riding a bike is your daughter?” she asked incredulously. “Wasn’t she, like, just born?”

It’s funny sometimes how major parts of someone else’s life go by quickly for you. I find that’s often the case with other people’s pregnancies. It’s actually the case for me during this pregnancy, too.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, the nine-month wait felt like a decade. I don’t know if it was the fear that something would go wrong and I just wanted it to be over so I could meet my baby and know everything was OK — kind of like when you’re driving somewhere you’ve never been before and the trip seems to take longer when you’re unfamiliar with the landmarks or what to expect when you finally arrive — or it was the fact that it seemed like it took forever to have a successful pregnancy, but time dragged.

This time around my pregnancy has nearly come and gone and I have no idea where I’ve been in the interim. Certainly I’m busy with my toddler, and also busier with work so I don’t have as much time to think about the pregnancy as I did the first time around. But I’m staring at the current reality that this baby is coming soon even though I feel like it was just yesterday that the word NOT didn’t appear in front of the word PREGNANT on the pee stick.

Strangely, while my pregnancy is happening at a lightning-fast pace, the celebrity pregnancies seem to be taking longer. I feel like Mariah Carey was pregnant for about two years before she finally popped earlier this spring. Same thing with Pink I could have sworn she was due, like, last fall, but she just gave birth last week. Wasn’t Natalie Portman ready to pop at the Oscars? Because last time I checked, she’s still got something cooking in her oven.

I get that for other people my pregnancy is going by fast, too, considering I barely see the light of day so if they go a few weeks without seeing me, too, I’ve expanded that much.

Last time I hoped and prayed for time to speed up, and now I’m begging for it to stand still. My to do list isn’t terrible, but it still exists and I’d like to get it all done in the next six weeks so I can spend the last several weeks of the pregnancy complaining about being fat and hot instead of fat, hot and busy.

I also want to try and enjoy the remaining weeks of my pregnancy as much as possible, since this is the last time I will be pregnant (I repeat: This is the last time I will be pregnant).

I have vivid memories of staring at my nephew and nieces in their cribs when they were babies and feeling like I wanted to eat them and their cuteness up. When I was pregnant the first time I recall thinking that it was the ultimate closeness my baby was in my stomach and couldn’t get any closer. I need to remember that feeling now before it goes away forever, because the second they’re born, no matter how close a bond you forge, it’ll never be as close as when they’re inside you. Which is really the main reason I hope the waning days of being knocked up don’t go by any faster than they already are.

Is your pregnancy going by fast or slow? Do you think pregnancies that aren’t yours go by fast (for you)?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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