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    Facebook and other social networking sites make it easy to share every last detail of your pregnancy with your posse — too easy. We’ve rounded up 10 things you should never post online about your pregnancy if you want to avoid alienating your friends and playing the role of crazy pregnant lady ...
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    1: You peed your pants without sneezing

    You peed your pants without sneezing Here’s the first (sad) truth: All pregnant women pee their pants. Here’s the second: No one (not even women who’ve been pregnant or are pregnant) wants to know when you do it. Although it’s tempting to share every little pregnancy embarrassment with a status update, very few of your Facebook friends want to know that you wet yourself.

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    2: You can't stop puking

    You can't stop puking Even if every pregnant woman in your social network can relate to hugging the porcelain god, no one needs a mental image of your upchuck. Confessing that you have horrible morning sickness, rather than non-stop puking, will get you the pity you want without actually making your friends want to vomit their lunch.

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    3: Your vagina is leaking

    Your vagina is leaking Yes, pregnancy does weird things to your body, but whether it’s “discharge,” “mucus plug” or any other cringe-inducing word associated with liquids leaking from your nether regions, save it for your OB. Your friends, especially the male ones, will thank you for not making them think about the current state of your vagina.

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    4: Your weight gain or lack thereof

    Your weight gain or lack thereof Weight is a hazardous subject even for the non-pregnant, but in pregnancy it takes on a whole new level of touchiness. If you say how little you’ve gained, your friends will (rightly) assume you’re bragging and will secretly hate you. If you say how much you’ve gained, they’ll feel obligated to join your self-thrown pity party, even if they remember that plate of thirds you scarfed down at your recent baby shower.

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    5: Your ultrasound photo as your
    profile pic

    Your ultrasound photo as your profile pic It’s one thing to post an ultrasound photo to your Facebook wall or send a quick TwitPic, but quite another to subject your friends to frequent reminders of what, let’s be honest, looks something like a cross between an alien and a dinosaur in your uterus.

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    6: How much you spent on a
    designer stroller

    How much you spent on a designer stroller Whether it’s regarding your baby’s room, stroller or other gear, talking about money is tacky. Sharing with 300 of your closest friends that you just spent $3,000 on a high-tech stroller for your unborn child will make your non-pregnant friends scratch their heads in fiscal confusion and your pregnant ones (who aren’t loaded) green with envy.

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    7: Nude-ish pregnancy portraits

    Nude-ish pregnancy portraits It should be enough that nudity violates most social networks’ terms of service, but also keep in mind that you are not, in one revealing photo, going to convince your friends that your pregnant body in the buff is the sexiest thing they’ve ever seen. You are, however, going to ruffle a lot of their feathers and very likely regret those shots once you return to a normal hormonal state.

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    8: Your baby's name

    Your baby's name This one’s actually more for your own protection. In the online world, people often say things they would not say face-to-face, so your future baby’s name may remind them of their favorite pet or their suicidal uncle — did you really want to know that? If you do reveal the name before the birth, do so in person where people (usually) have their best manners on display.

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    9: A play-by-play of your birth

    A play-by-play of your birth It’s not a sporting event (even if it feels like one for you). The giant waterfall that just rushed down your legs, how dilated you are and the timing of your contractions are not for mass consumption a la tackles and touchdowns. If you must, a simple “headed to the hospital” or “midwife should be here shortly” will give everyone the idea that you are in labor.

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    10: The future of your placenta

    The future of your placenta Do not, no matter how excited you are about it, Tweet, Facebook or otherwise group-share what you are doing with the placenta. No matter how hippie or down-to-Earth your friends are, very few of them will understand your interest in ingesting your own organ — whether you’re cooking it up in a stew or having it dried and emulsified into gelatin capsules.

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