Pregnancy Worries: Better Safe Than Sorry

Sometimes as a first time mama-to-be my worry gets the best of me.

I’m a worrier by nature, so when I find something to worry about sometimes I fixate.  And as anyone who has ever been pregnant knows, the opportunities for worry are endless (especially is you read all the pregnancy manuals and listen to all the horror stories random strangers want to tell you).

So, on Monday when I was having some odd symptoms on top of not really feeling much baby movement all day I called my midwife to see if it was cause for concern and she told me to come in the next day to check things out.

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My husband (always the voice of reason) said that she was probably just having a quiet day, but I couldn’t rest until I knew for sure and heard her little heart thump thumping with that doppler.

Obviously since I’m not in hysterics right now, everything was fine.  Our little lady’s heart beat was strong as ever and my odd symptoms were explainable.  My midwife is so great at calming my fears.  She’s totally real, but still comforting.

I’m hoping this kind of “false alarm” isn’t foreshadowing for labor.  It makes me wonder if I’m going to be one of those women who goes in thinking she’s in labor 20 times before the real thing actually happens.  Hopefully not, but my philosophy is: better safe than sorry.  Although, I’m hoping I’ll be a little more in tune with my body and my little one in the future.

What did/do you worry about during pregnancy?

Have you had any false alarms when you were pregnant?

Do you go with the motto: “better safe than sorry”?  Or are you a “wait and see” kind of person?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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