15 Hilarious Pregnancy Demotivational Posters

"Facebook, Twitter, THEN hold your newborn"

We all need a good laugh once in a while and pregnancy can offer some good humor. From the idea of how we get pregnant to what it does to our bodies – a giggle here and there is inevitable and healthy.

Have you heard of “demotivational” posters? The anti-motivation posters these poke fun sarcastically and often write things that are uncomfortable.  While surfing the internet yesterday I came across some great ones for pregnancy that made me feel like I would die of laughter.  A much needed giggle-fit for me.

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  • Pregnancy 1 of 15
    "Can come when you least expect it, be safe"
  • Pregnant Man 2 of 15
    Pregnant Man
    "You're not a pregnant man if you have a vagina"
  • Pulling Out 3 of 15
    Pulling Out
    "It doesn't always work, but condoms just don't feel 'natural' "
  • Procreation 4 of 15
    "Easy for teens but a burden for tax payers"
  • Teenage Pregnancy 5 of 15
    Teenage Pregnancy
    "Looks like you just weren't fast enough to pull out"
  • Second Place 6 of 15
    Second Place
    "Don't you just hate it when someone gets there before you?"
  • Pregant [sic] 7 of 15
    Pregant [sic]
    "It's where the baby sucks the blood for 6 months"
  • Would Have Been 8 of 15
    Would Have Been
    "The other one would have been a doctor"
  • Pregnant Male 9 of 15
    Pregnant Male
    "It was caused by him having sex with a telephone operator, and she reversed the charges"
  • Priorities 10 of 15
    "Facebook, twitter, THEN hold your newborn"
  • Teen Pregnancy 11 of 15
    Teen Pregnancy
    "The statistics are significantly true"
  • Pregnancy 12 of 15
    "Looks like Jim-Bob and Peggy-Sue are due about the same time"
  • Pregnancy 13 of 15
    "How beaut... Wait a second! WTF?"
  • Pregnancy 14 of 15
    "Because now you are drinking for two"
  • Pregnancy Photos 15 of 15
    Pregnancy Photos
    "are ruined by crazy husbands with guns"

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