#PregnancyProblems: Looking and Feeling Like a Blimp

#PregnancyProblems: Looking and Feeling Like a BlimpYou know those adorable pregnant women who look like they’re growing a basketball in their belly during pregnancy … the ones who have long, lithe limbs and a lovely glow for nine months? Yeah, that’s not me.

In the beginning of pregnancy, sure, I get the glow, and during months five to seven I look fairly cute, but come months eight, nine, and beyond? Not so much. I am not, nor will I ever be a tiny pregnant woman. I gain weight and I gain it everywhere … face, arms, etc. And let’s not even talk about the love handles. Apparently all of that belly weight doesn’t just congregate itself front and center like one might hope. Basically, I look and feel like a blimp.

I’ll admit that I am my own worst critic and that my sweet friends and family assure me that I look great, but I can assure you I am not being overly dramatic. If I told you how much weight I’ve gained you just might let out an audible gasp. It’s OK. It happened last time and I expected it.

The worst part though is the feeling like a blimp part. All this added weight isn’t doing my poor back any favors. I’ve definitely experienced some pain in my back and hips from the sudden shift in weight.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to come up with a solution to this particular pregnancy problem: Meet the Blanqi Bodystyler. Think of it as Spanx for pregnancy. It smooths out all those awkward bumps and bulges. But, it’s even better than Spanx because aside from giving you a sleeker silhouette it also helps ease pregnancy discomfort. It has fancy pants seamless technology that helps distribute your pregnancy weight evenly to reduce the stress on your body (especially your back!) and helps to give you lift that can alleviate pelvic floor and abdominal pain. Back support and belly lift? Count me in! When I was asked to take it for a spin, my achy pregnancy body jumped at the chance!

I didn’t really want to show you what this looked like in action since I’m practically nine months pregnant and my boobs are kind of out of control and pretty much every inch of my body is a little lumpy, but I needed you to see the legit-ness (yes, I do realize that’s not an actual word, but I’m super pregnant, so I do what I want).

So, here’s me and my awesome bedroom selfies to give you some perspective. Before I put on the Blanqi Bodystyler I look fine, but there are definitely some little lumps and bulges happening along the silhouette of my back. If my husband had been home I would’ve had him take a photo of my back straight on to better showcase this. It’s nothing major, but it makes me feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. I know … total first world #PregnancyProblems, but still…

#PregnancyProblems: Looking and Feeling Like a Blimp

Now you can see the Blanqi Bodystyler in its full glory. Totally smooths those little bulges (even if I’m the only one really noticing them) and provides much needed support to my drooping belly, painful back, and growing hips. Below this photo you’ll see the straight on view of the Bodystyler. The underbust cut will be super useful during postpartum for nursing purposes.

#PregnancyProblems: Looking and Feeling Like a Blimp

#PregnancyProblems: Looking and Feeling Like a Blimp

And then here you have a before and after shot of me with a top on. As you can see the difference is subtle, but it definitely provides some lift and some smoothing action and makes me feel much more confident in my clothing. Apart from my sheer vanity though, the Blanqi Bodystyler is providing a ton of support that I’m seriously in need of during these last five weeks of pregnancy.

#PregnancyProblems: Looking and Feeling Like a Blimp

 How do you deal with feeling like a blimp during the end of pregnancy? 

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