#PregnancyProblems: Nesting and Stinky Cleaning Products

#PregnancyProblems: Nesting and Stinky Cleaning ProductsDuring these final weeks of pregnancy I have been nesting like whoa. Now, you might be asking yourself, “What exactly does ‘nesting like whoa’ look like?” Well, imagine with me if you will what Martha Stewart would look like in a manic phase while hopped up on six shots of espresso. Yeah … it’s like that. This would be even more impressive if you knew me, because then you would know I am totally not Martha Stewart-esque in my day-to-day life. I’ve been crafting things for the nursery (I don’t even know who I am anymore!) and purging and cleaning my entire house from top to bottom.

My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m pretty sure he’s enjoying the fact that our bathrooms have never been cleaner. I literally cleaned my bathroom ceilings last week. Who even does that?! Anyway, for the most part this nesting business has been much-welcomed, but the only downside is that my entire house was starting to smell like a stinky foot from the homemade vinegar cleaning solution I use.

I used to be an avid believer in 409 cleaning spray. I seriously sprayed it on everything. But, when I was pregnant with my daughter I started freaking out about all the chemicals in pretty much everything and cleaning chemicals topped my worry list, so it was goodbye 409 and hello homemade vinegar solution. I have to say the stuff works great, but it definitely doesn’t leave the loveliest aroma.

I recently came to try some cleaning products from a company called The Good Home Co. though and I’m totally smitten. I’ve definitely tried my fair share of eco-friendly cleaning products (and been sent a TON by companies to review), but I’ve never really been all that impressed with any. While most seem to work just fine, they’re usually pricey and they still smell kind of weird and chemical-y. For that price and a still weird smell, I figured I might as well just stick with vinegar. But, these products from The Good Home Co. have changed my tune.

Good Home products use natural ingredients whenever possible and are committed to keeping their products biodegradable, vegetable-based, and phosphate-free as much as possible. They don’t test on animals and they don’t purchase any ingredients that were tested on animals either. But, aside from all the natural-ness of the products (which obviously I love), they smell fan-freaking-tastic!

I tried quite a few of their scents in my product testing: Beach DaysLine Dried, and Summer Cottage, and I was really impressed by how concentrated the scents were without being totally overwhelming. The only one I didn’t really love was the Beach Days scent. It wasn’t terrible or anything, but reminded me a bit too much of that Cool Water lotion I used to wear in junior high, so I just couldn’t get on board with it.

The Summer Cottage Glass and Surface Cleaner smells divine and I’ve been spraying that stuff everywhere. I love that it instantly freshens my house … a good trick when you have a stinky German Shepherd around, and I’m pretty sure that it will forever be a scent that I associate with my crazy nesting from this pregnancy. I also really loved the Pet Stain and Odor Remover for spraying on my dog’s smelly bed — it made a world of difference. The Sheet and Clothing Spray is also awesome for refreshing items that maybe don’t need a wash or dry clean just yet, but have managed to develop some type of weird smell. I’ve used it on a jacket and some wool items that managed to develop a funny food smell and it worked brilliantly.

Long story short: I’m a fan of The Good Home Co. and you should totally check them out … especially if you’re nesting and cleaning your house like a madwoman and don’t want it to smell like stinky feet and/or chemicals. I may have gotten to try out some products gratis, but I will definitely be back for more — especially the Glass and Surface Cleaner. I’m addicted.

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