Pregnant + Anxious? Eat More of This to Reduce Your Stress

Pregnant + Anxious

Pregnancy and anxiety seem to go hand and hand. Let’s face it: There are a reasonable amount of stress factors in your pregnant life. Growing a life is no small feat. Add your always-changing level of hormones into the mix. And let’s not forget any and all life factors that are regularly stressful under non-pregnant conditions. (Oh, hi there, kids, work, house chores, mortgage, dinners—the list goes on).

But according to a new study, there might be a quick fix for your anxiety-ridden pregnancy.

Eat fish.

Fifty-three percent of women with high anxiety levels during pregnancy don’t eat any fish. At all. And vegetarians were 25 percent more likely to have more anxiety than women who ate a diet high in meat and fish. The women with the lowest levels of anxiety are those who are most “health conscious,” likely because they get the proper nutrition, according to the study.

But wait. Isn’t fish supposedly dangerous to eat during pregnancy? Well, not all. It’s recommended that expectant moms stay away from certain types of fish, like shark and swordfish, and limit the amount of canned tuna they consume to no more than four servings per week. But white fish (like cod), and oily fish (like salmon), are good to go. The study shows a direct link between eating fish and reduced anxiety during pregnancy, with doctors saying, “It is possible, but not proved, that this association with fish is due to the omega-3 fatty acid content of the fish.”

Don’t like fish and now feel more anxious? Are all these conflicting guidelines giving you more anxiety? Don’t worry, you can just pour yourself a glass of wine… 


Source: Psych Central
Photo: iStockphoto

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