Pregnancy Belly Art

  • Sneak Peak 1 of 34
    Sneak Peak
    What came first — the ultrasound or the belly art?
    Credit: Mark Jordan
  • Lets Play Ball! 2 of 34
    Lets Play Ball!
    Can baby dunk?
    Credit: Leila Jackson
  • President O-baby! 3 of 34
    President O-baby!
    Now here’s a mom with high expectations!
    Credit: Mark Jordan
  • Mother Henna 4 of 34
    Mother Henna
    This mom got a pretty intricate henna design done for Mother’s Day.
    Credit: Henna by Heather
  • The Sistine Belly 5 of 34
    The Sistine Belly
    If Michelangelo were commissioned to paint a pregnant woman’s belly, we imagine it’d look something like this.
    Credit: Ragen Mendenhall
  • Fruit of My Womb 6 of 34
    Fruit of My Womb
    Too many puns, too little time…
    Credit: Marigold Haske; design by Steve Haske
  • Yogi Baby 7 of 34
    Yogi Baby
    We hope the baby is as Zen as mom’s lotus belly-scape.
    Credit: "Up the Duff" Belly Art
  • Were having a ball! 8 of 34
    Were having a ball!
    Life’s a beach when you’re expecting — right?
    Credit: Mark Jordan
  • Van Grow 9 of 34
    Van Grow
    A growing belly is the only canvas this budding artist needed.
    Credit: Chelsea Rose Rippel
  • Jelly Belly 10 of 34
    Jelly Belly
    We hope it doesn’t sting!
    Credit: Mark Greenawalt
  • Gone Fishing 11 of 34
    Gone Fishing
    Do you like see-food?
    Credit: Jennifer Montgomery
  • Coming to Fruition 12 of 34
    Coming to Fruition
    She must have eaten a lot of watermelon seeds…
    Credit: KSGarriot
  • Grow Globe 13 of 34
    Grow Globe
    It’s a pregnancy wonderland!
    Credit: Robyn Thompson
  • First-time Jitters 14 of 34
    First-time Jitters
    New mama Mariah Carey must have had butterflies in her stomach before the twins were born!
    Credit: Twitter
  • Egg hunt 15 of 34
    Egg hunt
    We hope this baby turns out to be a good egg, wink wink.
    Submitted by Babble reader Sara Eaton
  • Three’s company 16 of 34
    Three's company
    Can you believe there are triplets in there?!
    Submitted by Babble reader Sarah Kline
  • Made in the USA 17 of 34
    Made in the USA
    There’s no wondering where this baby’s from!
    3 Submitted by Babble reader Jamie Ricke Crawford
  • Team player 18 of 34
    Team player
    Saints vs. Cowboys — a tummy divided!
    Submitted by Babble reader Lindsay Robichaux
  • Trick or Treat? 19 of 34
    Trick or Treat?
    This pumpkin belly almost looks like the real thing!
    Submitted by Babble reader Katy Andrijowych
  • In Bloom 20 of 34
    In Bloom
    While Mary was 7 months pregnant, her mom painted a Hibiscus flowers on her belly.
    Submitted by Babble reader Mary Silva
  • Your body is a wonderland 21 of 34
    Your body is a wonderland
    A bump masterpiece!
    Submitted by Babble reader Kim Sukapdjo
  • Pumpkin patch kids 22 of 34
    Pumpkin patch kids
    Will they name him Jack?
    Submitted by Babble reader Elaine Kenny
  • King of the castle 23 of 34
    King of the castle
    This brings a whole new definition to mommy’s little prince or princess
    Submitted by Babble reader Cassi Abolhosn
  • Peek-a-Boo! 24 of 34
    Ashlee’s daughter got a kick out of touching her mom’s belly on Halloween.
    Submitted by Babble Reader Ashlee Danielle Schweitzer
  • Work of art 25 of 34
    Work of art
    Now this is a pregcasso!
    Submitted by Babble reader Gina Vyvyanna Piñero
  • Country pumpkin 26 of 34
    Country pumpkin
    Instead of carving pumpkins on Halloween, Carrie allowed her girls to paint one on her bump. Bravo!
    Submitted by Babble reader Carrie Forsyth
  • Whats cookin? 27 of 34
    Whats cookin?
    Mama’s got a bun in the oven, quite literally.
    Submitted by Babble reader Amie Voith
  • Eggcellent! 28 of 34
    What’s better than an Easter egg? An Easter bump! ?
    Submitted by Babble reader Melissa Huisman Butler
  • Whats cookin? 29 of 34
    Whats cookin?
    How does your garden grow?
    Submitted by Babble reader Lynn Knight
  • Out of this world 30 of 34
    Out of this world
    This baby is certainly mommy’s superstar.
    Submitted by Babble reader Penney Kenyon
  • Great big thanks! 31 of 34
    Great big thanks!
    Melissa used this photo for her baby shower thank you cards.
    Submitted by Babble reader Melissa Alvarez Taveras
  • Animal planet 32 of 34
    Animal planet
    We wonder if this baby's name is Noah?
    Submitted by Babble reader Hannah Babcock
  • Beach bump 33 of 34
    Beach bump
    This mom proudly shows off her new bathing suit body and her daughter-to-be.
    Submitted by Babble reader Michele Mowery-Stevens
  • Sweet disposition 34 of 34
    Sweet disposition
    Hellen shows off her little honey bear-to-be
    Submitted by Babble reader Hellen Root
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