Pregnant During a Heat Wave: How to Stay Safe and Sane During Summer Solstice

There is a huge heat wave going on right now — right in line with the start of the summer solstice. I remember the feeling I had a few years ago when I was 5 months pregnant during a heat wave and thought I was going to die. Yes, I am dramatic, but even in the best non-pregnant days I have never been one to tolerate the heat.

This year I think I may avoid the collision of summer and pregnancy (though I very much hope to be/stay pregnant soon!), but that doesn’t mean I do not feel for all of you who have to be totally (if you’re dramatic like me) miserable in this heat. It is important during any heat wave that you take the necessary precautions to reduce the risks of danger from the heat and though it can be hard to stay sane during this temperature, there are some ways you can increase your comfort and decrease your crazy.

Click through for tips on how to stay safe during a heat wave & why it’s important:

  • Watch for Signs 1 of 6
    Watch for Signs
    When pregnant, it is very dangerous for you to get too overheated. During a heat wave that can happen far more quickly than you think. Watch for signs of heat stroke and get help right away. Ideally you should be making sure you don't get overheated to avoid some serious complications.
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  • Treat Symptoms 2 of 6
    Treat Symptoms
    One of the biggest concerns for heat and the danger while pregnant is it can cause preterm labor. If you notice contractions or tightening, get indoors and start chugging water & call your care provider.
    If you end up getting heat rash there are safe ways to treat itwhile pregnant, but make sure you know which remedies are okay to use while pregnant.
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  • Stay Hydrated 3 of 6
    Stay Hydrated
    One of the more important (& easiest) ways to help beat the heat is to stay hydrated. Eating fruits like watermelon and grapes and of course drinking water! Just when you think you've had enough, have a bit more -- your kidneys will help filter it out.
    Drinking is one of the fastest ways to help reduce some of the discomfort from heat too -- the swelling, the sweating and fatigue.
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  • Stay Cool! 4 of 6
    Stay Cool!
    There are a lot of ways you can help keep yourself cool during the heat wave. If you have no air conditioning (I feel for you) -- go to a local library or mall for some cool air.
    For more tips go read: Staying Cool while pregnant
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  • Adjust Your Schedule 5 of 6
    Adjust Your Schedule
    If you need to re-work your schedule to work out during the morning instead of the evening, do that. If you need to make time for an extra nap, do your best to make that work. You may need to limit your activities during the peak times for heat and use that to put your feet up and DRINK all that water.
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  • Go on Strike 6 of 6
    Go on Strike
    Well, kind of. Heat waves don't last forever (unless you live in a crazy hot town, then I may suggest moving) & so it is perfectly okay to slow down for that time. During my short stint of pregnancy in the summer, I refused to do anything until we got air conditioning -- it was just too hot. The husband made sure to get things nice and cool in our place quickly after.
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