Pregnant Employee Had to Clock Out to Pee

Public restroomSo I don’t know about you guys but at 32 weeks pregnant I have to pee…frequently. It has something directly to do with the fact that I’m drinking quarts of water each day and my baby boy likes to punch me directly in the bladder.

That’s why I really felt for this mom whose story I read about over at ABC news. Kristi Rifkin, a T Mobile employee was getting up frequently to urinate and it was cutting into her time on the phone, threatening the quota she had to reach each month for customer service. Her supervisor demanded a note from her doctor excusing the frequent trips to the restroom and when Rifkin produced it, her supervisor said she would be allowed to visit the bathroom at her leisure, but had to clock out and clock in.

This story reminds me of that scene in The Shawshank Redemption when Morgan Freeman can’t break the habit of asking for permission to pee after decades in prison. Yikes.

While I understand that T Mobile was concerned that the frequent bathroom breaks were cutting into Rifkin’s productivity, by cutting out her pay they were directly motivating her to ignore her bodily needs and functions while at work. Rifkin admits that she tried to stop drinking as much water, but that, of course, had negative repercussions on her pregnancy.

Have your frequent bathroom visits while pregnant interfered with your productivity at work?

Source credit: ABC News

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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