Pregnant Mamas: 10 Things You Think You Need Right Now But Don’t

Let’s face it: companies have expectant parents right where they want us. Especially those of us that are first-timers.

We are scared. We have no clue what we’re doing. We think the more baby stuff we buy the easier this parenting thing might be.

Right? Wrong.

Since this is my third time around I figured I’d compile a list of things you don’t need that you’re probably thinking you can’t possibly be a good parent without.

Read onward for 10 pregnancy/baby products that are a waste of money. I can save you hundreds, if not thousand of dollars here, people!

  • Resist the Temptation! 1 of 11
  • Shoes 2 of 11

     The very shoes pictured above are the first thing my husband and I bought when we learned we were expecting our first child. We never put them on her. First, have you ever tried to put tiny shoes on tiny, bendy feet? It's almost impossible. Second, baby's don't walk. They don't need shoes. Which means, DON'T BUY ANY SHOES! NONE! NADA! ZIP! You will not use them. Ever. 

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  • Newborn Clothes 3 of 11

     Wanna know what else you will never, ever use? All those adorable 0-3 month outfits. The sweet outfits are next to impossible to resist, I know. But your kid will never wear these. I repeat, YOUR KID WILL NEVER WEAR THE CUTE OUTFITS. Your newborn will spend 99.9% of his or her time in onesies. Yup. That's it. Comfy onesies. I suggest zippers, not snaps because I actually suffered from sore snap finger syndrome from snapping so many snaps while changing so many diapers. Zippered onesies are your best friend, trust me.

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  • Quilt 4 of 11

     You know those little crib/bumper/sheet sets you can buy at Babies R Us? Don't get them. I know it's super tempting to have the matchy-matchy crib set but you just don't need that big, bulky quilt. You will never put it on your tiny newborn. Buy some cute sheets from Target, a couple receiving blankets for swaddling and one or two cuddly blankets and you're good to go. Bumpers? Those are optional, as you're about to read...

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  • Bumper 5 of 11
    Reagan Crib Bedding

     The safety of crib bumpers has come into question, with many parents skipping them altogether. You don't need a crib bumper! If you do decide to purchase one, don't buy it in conjunction with those super pricey bedding sets that come with quilts. Waste! Check out a couple safe crib bumper options.

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  • High Chair 6 of 11

     If you're pregnant you probably put a high chair on your baby registry, right? It's one of the first big ticket items that comes to mind. Thing is, you won't be using it for months and months after the baby is born. Which means you don't need to buy it right now when you're so worried about getting all the other crucial stuff. Skip the high chair. Buy it later when the baby buying frenzy is long over and baby is ready to sit up.

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  • Bottles 7 of 11

     Don't stock up on bottles. You never know what bottle and nipple your kid will take a liking to. If you're having trouble feeding your baby you'll want to try switching up nipples and bottles and this sucks if you've already stocked up on one particular kind. Buy one bottle that you've researched. One. If it turns out your kid likes that one, buy more. But if your baby doesn't like that particular bottle you've only wasted the cost of one bottle.

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  • Newborn Toys 8 of 11

     Your newborn baby will not play with any of these no matter how fancy, I promise. Your baby will sleep and cry and poop and that's it. And once your kid does become interested in stuff there are plenty of things around your house to keep him or her entertained. Measuring spoons, Tuppeware, plastic cups. Spend your money on diapers and purchase toys when baby is old enough to show some interest in something besides her own fist.

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  • Maternity Clothes 9 of 11

     Maternity clothes are expensive and often pretty ugly. If you're like 99% of women on the planet you have dresses and leggings. Heck, most of your t-shirts will fit for a long time. You might need to buy a few larger sized items towards the end, but they don't need to be maternity. And you've heard of the rubber band trick for jeans, right? If not, educate yourself!

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  • Moses Basket/Bassinet 10 of 11

     The only reason to buy this contraption is if you're purchasing it for a photo shoot. Otherwise, fuggedaboutit. It's not like you're going to put the baby down for a nap in this thing, nor are you going to carry baby around in it. A bassinet is a questionable purchase too. Although it looks quaint you'll probably never use it.

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  • Changing Table 11 of 11

     I'm torn on this one. I've had the same changing table I bought second-hand for both babies and I really used it. But I admit, I could've done without it. Half the time I changed baby's diaper on my bed or the floor. A lot of parents buy dressers and put the changing pad on top of that. A changing table is most definitely not a necessity so don't get talked into some kind of nursery set. It is not worth it!

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