Mariah Carey Falls Onstage, Blames High Heelsl

Pregnant Mariah Carey falls onstageThe trend of continuing to wear ridiculously high heels during pregnancy has seemingly caused another public celebrity spill. Mariah Carey (who may not actually be pregnant but is rumored to be) was performing in 6 inch platform booties with a somewhat dominatrix-ish vibe, when she slipped and fell on the stage.

After her fall, Mariah called her assistant onstage to take her shoes off mid-number. The process ended up requiring a team of five people: two to unbuckle, and three to support the teetering mom-to-be while she continued singing along with her backup singers.

Now, I’m not the most graceful girl on the planet, but I did not fall at all during pregnancy. I also didn’t go the platform stiletto route, though. I was more of a flip flop girl, with occasional forays into sensible chunky heel territory. I rocked a heel a couple of times, but only for minimal mobility situations. I guess if I were performing on stage it might have been a harder thing to give up, but I really do question how attached these pregnant celebrities are too their towering heels, and whether it really is a safe move.

What is with this trend?? Are other people besides pregnant celebrities jumping (or slipping) on the bandwagon?

See Mariah’s tumble in action after the jump.

I really find the pregnant high heel trend fascinating (I actually just typed “high hell” by mistake, which should tell you something about how my subconscious feels about the situation). I love a sexy heel as much as the next girl, but I do think there are some times in life when a slightly more sensible approach is advisable. High heels are problematic during pregnancy for a number of reasons. They offer no support for the added weight women carry during pregnancy, which puts pressure on the joints and muscles. They also present obvious balance problems, as evidenced by the rash of celebrity slips and stumbles.

A recent BBC study suggested that most pregnant women wear shoes that aren’t ideal through pregnancy. But I’d love to know if the high heel trend goes beyond the celebrity pregnant woman. I see heels featured in maternity fashion ads, but are women really wearing them on the street?

What’s the highest heel you’ve worn while pregnant? Have you ever fallen down?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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