Pregnant Moms Who Drink Have Better Behaved Children, Study Says

wineWho knows what to believe anymore?

Drinking while pregnant will cause irreparable damage. Drinking while pregnant is fine. Moderation in all things. A single sip is dangerous!

It’s enough to make your head spin, as if it’s not already spinning from morning sickness, hormones and all the rest of it.

Here’s a new study to add to the collection of contradictions according to The Telegraph: “Women who have an occasional drink during pregnancy have children who are better adjusted and better behaved than the offspring of those who abstain, research suggests.”

The study, out of Denmark, consisted of more than 100,000 pregnant women who drank occasionally during pregnant. Apparently, the moms who drank up to a glass of wine a week (which amounts to about a bottle of wine a month) had children who “showed significantly better emotional and behavioral outcomes” by the age of 7 than children whose moms drank no alcohol.

Janni Niclasen, a psychologist at the University of Copenhagen and the author of the study, says it doesn’t just come down to the alcohol but the lifestyles of women who drink. “But when you look at the lifestyle of the mothers, you find an explanation. Mothers who drank 90 units or more of alcohol turn out to be the most well-educated and [have the] healthiest lifestyle overall.”

And it doesn’t end at education and health.  Niclasen acknowledges as much in”It is already difficult to control for all the lifestyle factors as it is, and when, on top of that, information is lacking about psychological variables like for instance attachment and intelligence, you need to be careful when interpreting the results”, she says.

So, this study does nothing to convince me that drinking will help your child, as I don’t think alcohol consumption directly leads to well-behaved children. In fact, the study is misleading and somewhat dangerous in that some women who don’t read the fine print will take the headline at face value and use it as justification to over-indulge. The study also flies directly in the face of another study that says the children of moms who drink are more likely to have delayed social skills.

Again, it’s all in how much you drink. I have no problem with a pregnant woman drinking a glass or two a week. Many scientific studies have confirmed it not to be a problem. The problem arises when women don’t know how to properly moderate alcohol consumption so it’s much safer for the government to declare all drinking during pregnancy as bad.

What about you? What do you think?

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