Pregnant or PMS? 8 Annoyingly Similar Symptoms

PMS in itself is a mean thing many women have to go through month after month (& some would say it’s mean for our partners too). Annoying and/or painful symptoms and I don’t think there is a woman out there who would say she enjoys the whole menstruation things. It’s part of life and we deal with it.

It never comes out more frustrating or annoying when either you are hoping that you are NOT pregnant or hoping that you ARE pregnant. As some sort of funny (or cruel) joke, life has decided that symptoms of PMS has to be wildly similar to very early pregnancy symptoms. We have the lovely hormones progesterone and estrogen to thank for that. Condom break, birth control mix up, or trying to conceive — the confusion over whether you will be greeting your monthly visitor in a few days or will be greeting your newborn in 9 months is annoying!

Click through for 8┬ásymptoms┬áthat are annoying similar whether it’s pregnancy or PMS:

  • Sore & Tender Breasts 1 of 8
    Sore & Tender Breasts
    Some women experience sore and fuller breasts as they go into menstruation. It also happens to be one of the most noticeable and first symptoms of early pregnancy.
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  • Cramps & Backache 2 of 8
    Cramps & Backache
    For those in very early pregnancy, they experience cramps as their uterus slowly starts to grow and the egg firmly implants. They would also swear they are about to start their period because the cramps are the same.
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  • Fatigue 3 of 8
    I can usually tell my period will be starting soon because all I want to do is sleep. I can usually tell that I am pregnant for the same reason. It's a mean joke.
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  • Acne 4 of 8
    Hormone changes bring the un-fun acne for many women. Again, the same hormones that cause breakouts during PMS are the same ones responsible for the acne in early pregnancy.
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  • Bloating 5 of 8
    Fat jeans - we all have them for our PMS time. Those jeans are also needed for every early pregnancy when we can still fit in those.
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  • Rising Temperatures 6 of 8
    Rising Temperatures
    After ovulation and before your period starts your body temperature stays elevated. It will drop as your period starts, but not until them. It also stays elevated during pregnancy. For those tracking through basal body temping, it can be annoying.
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  • Headaches 7 of 8
    One of the more troubling symptoms of both PMS and early pregnancy. Some women are very sensitive to hormones and during both PMS & pregnancy they are running all through the body.
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  • Mood Swings 8 of 8
    Mood Swings
    Happy one second; crying the next. The first time I knew I was pregnant I started crying at a washer and dryer commercial. I will cry during PMS if I'm out of chocolate though.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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