Pregnant Super Powers: The Nose

My husband is convinced that pregnant women are given the super sniffer in order to smell danger from a mile away and protect the baby.

Or to smell the milk if it’s gone bad from a room away and protect the baby.

One of those. Either way, it’s to protect the baby. That is why we have our super sniffer, according to him.

(Don’t worry, he also believes in UFOs.)

The nose is a powerful being on its own accord. Combine the hormones and craziness your body goes through when pregnant, and it’s as though the nose has a new identity, complete with cape. It’s magical and even envied by some.

When pregnant, you smell EVERYTHING. You even smell things that other people (non-pregnant people) won’t smell for another 4 and a half minutes.

It’s as though you can tell the future with your super sniffer.

Don’t go in that room! Someone on the couch hasn’t bathed recently.

Run and hide, kids! Dad is cooking pork chops tonight.

If needed, I can be found in the pantry… consuming the raspberry coffee cake that I can smell from the neighbor’s front yard.

It’s amazing, really, when you think about it. And… if you’re like me, the super sniffer sticks with you postpartum, too. Granted, it gets rusty in time. When you don’t have a baby in your uterus to protect from the dog’s rancid odor, the super sniffer takes a bit of time to wake up.

But rest assured, the super sniffer will not fail. Ever.

Even when you want it to, it will not fail. There will be days when you wish your super sniffer would take an extended vacation just so that you could eat the huevos racheros that you so love but currently smells so foul.

It is both a blessing and a curse, my friends. A blessing and a curse.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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