Pregnant Supermodel Rocks the Runway

Pregnant and rockin' the runway.

That supercilious Giselle Bundchen has left a bad taste in my mouth for pregnancy and supermodels.  Which is why I wasn’t too interested to hear that another pregnant supermodel hit the runway.

I expected to see photos of a woman who I’m told is pregnant but looks skinner than most average non-pregnant women.  But, when I clicked on the link to check out Alessandra Ambrosio I was pleasantly surprised to not only clearly see a baby bump, but to see that the designer had obviously chosen to showcase the pregnancy as well.

As Yahoo reports, pregnant model Alessandra Ambrosio hit the runway to showcase couture and her 5-month baby bump.  Now, sure Ambrosio is a freak of nature and looks better 5 months pregnant than I ever will on my very best non-pregnant day, but I’m still pleased to see an obviously pregnant woman rockin’ the runway.

Thirty-year-old Ambrosio wore a dress with heels and later shorts and a knit sweater.  You could see her little bun in the oven in both outfits, and she even posed in a manner to showcase her belly.

Ambrosio, mother to a toddler, is expecting her second baby with her fiance, Jamie Mazur, a California businessman.

Fingers crossed she keeps up the runway action well into her third trimester.  Now that would really be something to see.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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