Pregnant U.K. Singer Lily Allen Forbidden From Wearing Heels

Alicia Keys’ may have been the plop heard round the world.

When the pregnant singer toppled over on her platforms a while back, it seemed to have little impact on the pregnant glitterati. Christina Applegate praised her stilettos for elongating her rounded silhouette.  Yep, Six inch heels are a fashion staple, and pregnant women—or pregnant celebrities, at least—refuse to give them up.

U.K. singer Lily Allen is bucking the teetering trend of celebrity pregnancy in perilously high heels. But apparently, she didn’t give them up willingly.

Allen reports that her heels were virtually ripped off her feet (and literally removed from her bag) by her boyfriend.

“I packed high heels but my boyfriend unpacked them. He told me I’m not wearing high heels on stage. So that explains the jeans and lumberjack look.”

The event, the singer’s last before a five year “I just want to have a normal life” hiatus, was called Big Chill, so her supercasual look was a propos. Allen wore a plaid shirt and Converse All-Stars instead of the thigh highs and spike heels she’s sported in the past. She’s also seemingly dispensed with some of her other common, and probably more pregnancy-unfriendly stage props: cigarettes and booze. More on Allen’s pregnant farewell performance here.

photo:  Benoît Derrier/flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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