Pregnant Victim of Aurora Shooting & Unborn Baby Survive Gunshot to Stomach

Pregnant Victim of Aurora Shooting & Unborn Child Survive Gunshot to Stomach

The movie-theater massacre in Aurora, CO, late last week is the latest public shooting to rock a nation that sadly seems to be getting all too familiar with these such horrors. Families across the country hugged their loved ones a little tighter over the weekend as we collectively mourned the victims of this heinous tragedy.

And just when there’s the possibility of blessed news coming out of Colorado, our hearts cannot catch a break: A pregnant woman and her unborn baby survived three gunshots one to the stomach but the mother’s six-year-old daughter did not, and is now the youngest victim to die at the hands of the madman.

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According to a Daily News report, pregnant 25-year-old, Ashley Moser, was shot three times with a semiautomatic assault riffle during the massacre last Friday. Her survival and that of her unborn child seems nothing short of a miracle, especially considering that one of the gunshots was to the young mother’s abdomen and another was to her head. The doctor’s expect Ashley Moser who was just accepted to nursing school to suffer from paralysis, the extend of which is unknown. The victim’s brother has said he thought at one point his sister had lost the baby, but that as of now, the baby is OK.

Struggling to stay alive for herself and her unborn baby, Ashley Moser was told late Saturday that her six-year-old daughter, Veronica, died as a result of the tragic shooting. The little girl, who would have started first grade in the fall, is the youngest victim of the massacre. She leaves behind a sibling she will never know and a mother who is destined to have a broken heart for the rest of her life.

I’ll never understand the “whys” behind these types of heinous crimes. It’s beyond difficult to fathom that someone could be so mentally disturbed and it go unnoticed for so long. It’s even harder to understand how someone can so ruthlessly destroy human life.

I hope Babble readers join me in sending prayers to all those affected by this tragedy in Colorado, and especially to Ashley Moser and her family. I wish this young mother in Colorado strength as she struggles to keep her unborn baby alive while mourning the loss of her daughter.


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