Pregnant Victoria Beckham Dissed By Mean Girls at Fashion Week

victoria beckham fashion weekVictoria Beckham hasn’t always been the most popular with the ladies. The former model and all around babe—equally svelte before and after the birth of each of her three boys, and now pregnant with a fourth baby—inspires regular critiques from women accusing her of everything from eating disorders to general stupidity.But Beckham has always had fans in the fashion world, where her glamorous looks and “posh” demeanor are par for the course.  But while the fashion world may love Victoria Beckham the celebrity who looks great in Haute Couture and sells a lot of magazines, it seems that they don’t have quite the same love for Victoria Beckham the Fashion Designer.

Four-months-pregnant Beckham’s first fashion design collection showed in New York this week, and apparently it did not go so well.

The Daily Beast’s Robin Givhan saw Beckham’s show live, and was appalled at the way the fashionistas responded to her debut line.  The snickers, sneers and eye-rolls, Givhan suggests, are symptoms of a larger problem: while the fashion industry is ostensibly in the service of women, it is at its heart a misogynistic enterprise. And Victoria Beckham wasn’t just being a woman, she was making a point of her womanliness, narrating her collection, talking about how it was inspired by her own life as a mom of three. So not only was she womanly, she was MOTHERLY. Which is obviously very unglamorous. And if that wasn’t bad enough she’s pregnant—how much obvious can your womanhood and motherhood get?

“Beckham, a wife and mother who is pregnant with her fourth child, noted that the collection was a reflection of her own maturity. But if one might have thought the audience would have been encouraging and well, equally mature… you would be so terribly wrong. There were muffled giggles, knowing glances, and plenty of eye-rolling over the non-stop narration. Certainly, Beckham’s chatter was a throwback to a 1950s fashion industry. But that was her point—to make the presentation more personal and without the hype of the modern business. It also called to mind the manner in which Tom Ford presented his women’s collection for spring. His rolling monologue drew gushing praise from the industry. Of course, Ford’s presentation dripped in irony. And Ford is the reigning prince of charm. Beckham’s great crime, it seems, was her earnestness. She was not being ironic. She was not being self-consciously hip. And the cool girls turned on her. It wasn’t pretty.”

I wonder if these are the same mean girls who are reportedly thrilled at the idea of putting a pregnant Victoria Beckham on the cover of Vogue?  Oh, but that’s different. A woman should know her place.

[via Daily Beast]


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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