Walking With a Waddle

It’s happened. I start the day walking fine and dandy, but by day’s end… I walk with a waddle.

This week marks me being 31 weeks pregnant. My belly is huge. The feet are starting to swell. My back has created an odd arch and aches. And then my walk – it’s like a duck. *quack* *quack*

With my first pregnancy, I was in denial that this waddle thing could happen. I remember being at work, and a guy in the office made mention of the infamous pregnant walk. I cried. I denied it. He apologized and I cried more. NO! NO I DON”T WADDLE. 

How could I be waddling? Ducks waddle! People don’t! But yes, pregnant people do waddle. I waddle.

Why Do Pregnant Women Waddle? I had to know.  The answer: Pregnancy softens the ligaments in your pelvis, allowing your hips to spread to make room for the baby. And that answer didn’t make me feel any better about my waddle.

With this 4th pregnancy, I’m really trying to OWN it by working this waddle like a super model would work that strut. 🙂

Does Your Pregnancy Create a Waddle?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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