Pregnant Woman Craves Her Local Newspaper

My cravings have been pretty typical this pregnancy. I love my chocolate, will have an occasional pickle, and love a bowl of cereal at night. I haven’t craved anything out of the ordinary and I surely haven’t craved anything as strange as the one Ann Curran has.

Curran, who lives in Scotland with her partner, has developed a strange craving during her fourth pregnancy. Not only does she love to read her local newspaper every morning, but it also makes a delicious treat.

I’ve heard of bizarre pregnancy cravings, including the woman that craved roadkill, but craving a newspaper has topped the list of the most bizarre.

And it’s not just any newspaper that satisfies her craving, it’s only her local paper, the Dundee Evening Telegraph. She claims that is the only paper that has the proper flavor for her cravings.

So, not only does she have this strange craving, but it has to be a specific flavor. I want to know how many newspapers she had to try before she realized that her local newspaper was the only one that satisfied her. And don’t think you can trick her by giving her a different paper. In a stack of different newspapers, she’s been known to pick out which paper is the Evening Telegraph, just by the taste alone.

Curran loves the newspaper so much that she can’t go a day without eating it.  Her cravings get so intense that she has to buy multiple copies of the local newspaper. She even shreds the paper up and brings it with her throughout the day for a mid-day snack.

“I can’t help it. I could be sitting in the bingo hall and I’ll start ripping out pages of the newspaper.” she told the Sunday Sun. “All the people look at me going, ‘What is she doing?’.”

I would probably give her a strange look as well if I saw her eating newspaper. It’s not everyday you see a woman eating paper.

My big concern with her eating her local newspaper is that this it might be harming her unborn child. There is no information on whether or not she has alerted her doctor of her strange addiction, but I can’t help but think that newspaper isn’t exactly the best diet for the baby. What we eat during pregnancy is so important for the well being and growth of the baby growing inside of us. I would hate for her to be harming her child just because she wants to satisfy a craving.

If her craving is a serious medical issue and she really can’t go without it, then that also needs to be addressed with her doctor. There is so much about her eating newspaper that just sounds dangerous to me.

What do you think?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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