Pregnant Woman Fired Due to "Negative Energy" From Fetus

We’ve seen our share of pregnancy-related employer law suits lately. But here’s an entirely new, and totally bizarre angle:

A woman in Nebraska is suing her former employer because her boss fired her after he perceived “bad vibes” emanating from her uterus. He suggested that the fetus was responsible for creating “negative energy” which was affecting the office.

He was heard calling the pregnancy “a miss” to other employees, and repeatedly alluded to the idea that the baby could remember bad energy from the womb. In fact, he claimed to remember his womb time himself.

The woman, Jammie Harms,  contends that the company incorporated bizarre mind-body energy practices into their office culture, including “muscular” interrogation practices and frequent discussion of past lives. During Ms. Harms pregnancy, the company’s CEO arranged a group call to a psychic to discuss what he saw as a concerning sign of the brewing negative energy: Ms Harms’s  pregnancy weight gain. He was also worried about the meaning of her newly short haircut. Ms. Harms had been the personal assistant to the CEO for about a year before her dismissal.

The lawsuit alleges religious and gender discrimination. The company contends that Ms. Harms’ dismissal was part of a larger layoff motivated by economic concerns and was unrelated to her pregnancy.

See the full story here.

photo: Sarah Ackerman/flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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