Pregnant Woman Sacrifices Life for Unborn Baby

Finding out your are pregnant is a moment in life that you will never forget.  For Stacie Crimm, the news that she was pregnant was both astonishing and exciting.  At 41, she was finally blessed with a child she was told she would never be able to have.

After taking five pregnancy tests to confirm, she texted her brother , Ray Phillips (who shared Crimm’s story with NewsOK,) with the joyous news.

In the months following the positive pregnancy test, Crimm began to get severe headaches, started seeing double, and tremors struck her entire body.  She had a bad feeling that something was wrong with the baby.

As Phillips told NEWSOK, “I’m worried about this baby.”  she texted him.  “I hope I live long enough to have this baby.  Bubba, if anything happens to me, you take this child.”  she said in another text.

After her family’s suggestion to see a doctor, the single-mother-to-be received devastating news.

A CT scan revealed that she had head and neck cancer.  Doctors suggested chemotherapy that could potentially help the cancer,but Crimm refused knowing that it could take the life of her unborn child.  The child that she had waited so long to have.

Over the next couple of weeks Crimm’s cancer got progressively worse. After being rushed to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City, doctors decided  it was best to perform a C-section and deliver the baby.  Weighing at just 2lbs 1oz , Dottie May was born,

Crimm’s cancer only got worse in the coming weeks and just 3 weeks after giving birth to her daughter, she died.  Prior to her death a nurse at the hospital knew that Crimm had not yet had a chance to hold her baby girl and was determined to make it happen.  As Dottie May was carefully put onto her mother’s chest, the two stared at one another for several minutes.  The room full of Crimm’s family, doctors, and nurses stood and watched quietly as she smiled at her child.   It was only three days later that Stacie Crimm died.

Ray Phillips and his wife are fulfilling the wish that his sister texted him just months after finding out she was expecting; they are bringing Dottie May home to live with them.

It’s an amazing sacrifice the Stacie Crimm made for her child, the one that she was told she would never have.  The bond that pregnant women share with the child they are carrying is one that no one else can understand.

How do you feel about Stacie Crimm’s decision?  Would you do the same?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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