Preserving Your Baby Bump With Beautiful Belly Cast Art

Well, it’s no surprise that I have insane ‘baby fever’ right now. I find myself thinking about babies, what our family will look like in a few years and of course, what it would be like to be pregnant again.

If we do have another baby that will for sure be the last pregnancy. I have been thinking about all I want to do if that happens to make sure I get to experience all I want to experience. I know that I want to get professional photographs done to document but then I came across belly cast art.

I had heard about those plaster kits you can get and do yourself but when browsing the images done by a professional belly caster I was sold. I know that I am not crafty or knowledgeable to do this amazing of a job!

Click to view some truly amazing belly cast art:

  • Newborn Portrait 1 of 12
    Newborn Portrait
    This beautiful belly bowl is taken from the exact shape of your bump. It can be used for beautiful and unique newborn photos.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • Name, Date & Hand Prints 2 of 12
    Name, Date & Hand Prints
    A simple but truly beautiful piece of art perfect for your baby's nursery. A forever reminder of how much your body grew.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • Two Peas 3 of 12
    Two Peas
    Belly casting can be done for twins too! Painted to highlight that there were 2 babes growing in this beautiful cast.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • Pretty In Pink 4 of 12
    Pretty In Pink
    What little girl would not love this beautiful piece hanging in their room. Painted a bright pink color and resembling a tu-tu - it's stunning!
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • One of a Kind 5 of 12
    One of a Kind
    Belly art really is the perfect one-of-a-kind piece. So unique to each woman and if you had one done for every pregnancy - they would all be unique as well.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • Butterfly Bump 6 of 12
    Butterfly Bump
    Butterfly painting across the chest and proudly displaying the baby's info. Photographing this would make a great baby announcement card.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • Interpretation 7 of 12
    This is one of my favorites. A beautiful interpretation of what the babe looks like while growing inside your bump. Would make an amazing nursery piece.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • Strawberry 8 of 12
    A gorgeous new interpretation of the pregnancy form. This piece would make a beautiful display in a playroom.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • Different Perspective 9 of 12
    Different Perspective
    I love these bowls -- what other way can you get a unique look at just how much your body grew for your baby?
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • Baby Comfy 10 of 12
    Baby Comfy
    Another great idea for your newborn portraits this belly bowl will fit your newborn perfectly.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • Wall Art 11 of 12
    Wall Art
    Using your shape to make a very beautiful and unique hanging art. Painted to resemble landscape this is really one of a kind.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby
  • It’s For Boys Too 12 of 12
    It's For Boys Too
    Painted a bright blue color and covered with all things that go - this piece would be adorable proudly displayed in your sons room.
    Photo Credit: Love Bump Baby

To view more work  – visit Love Bump Baby and find them on Facebook.

:: Will you /have you done belly casting for your pregnancy bump? ::

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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