Prettiest Gifts For New Moms

A tiny ring to represent a tiny, treasured baby.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a gift that really is meaningful, especially when you really want it to be. I’ve been looking for something special (not cheesy) for a dear friend of mine, and remembered a shop out of Brooklyn that carries beautiful, understated and out-of-the-ordinary items from a handful of different artisans.

Their gift guide for new moms made my heart pitter-pat, which is usually a good sign. Covering the very nice (spendy), and also the very thoughtful, here are ten unusually pretty gifts for moms from Catbird, and they really are for the moms to enjoy … for the most part.

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    Link: Brass Alphabet Necklace/Bracelet

    This pendant necklace that can also be doubled up on the wrist is set on a delicate silk cord.
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    Link: The Tiniest Pearl Ring

    There is something tender about a very small, special ring. Its scale seems especially appropriate upon baby arrival.
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    Link: Perfume Stick Roller

    This is sleek enough to sit on any vanity, but will also tuck nicely into the pocket of a diaper bag, ready to diffuse a day of dirty diapers and spit-ups.
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    Link: Gold Alphabet Rings

    These stackable rings are small and unassuming, and give moms a delicate way to carry a reminder of their kids.
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    Link: Speckled Band With Diamond

    This piece, designed by Claire Kinder Studio, has a sort of celestial, heavenly quality that seems appropriate for motherhood.
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    Link: Rifle Baby! Card

    This cute card is destined to put a smile on a new mom's face. There's something about that turtle exclamation point....
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    Link: Captain Sully Baby Spoon

    This four-inch, sterling silver baby spoon might "inspire your children to greatness" but will also make a nice keepsake or decoration.
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    Link: Personalized Copper Postcard

    This permanent postcard can say what you like, and can actually be delivered through the post, with adequate stamps.
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    Link: Astrological Cuff

    Based on constellations from an early Swiss map, this weighty cuff makes a big statement as a practical accessory, but also carries a subtle, artful meaning.
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    Link: Crazy Cute Sheep

    He's only $14 and you can't help but like him. Just don't be surprised if he gets swiped by an adoring two-year-old.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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