Prettiest Maternity Photos

I want one of each, please / Image by Kelly Hicks

I don’t know if I’m trying to make up for my lack of an identifiable baby bump at nearly 19 weeks, or if I simply adore the pregnant silhouette, but I can’t stop looking at (pinning, favorite-ing, bookmarking) maternity photos. Or rather, photos of pregnant women—I like the less formal approach.

Including the professionally arranged and also the spur-of-the-moment shot, here are a handful of my favorite, unusual and beautiful pregnancy photos. I want one just like all of them.

  • Soft and Bright 1 of 9
    Soft and Bright
    Photo by Eri/e*airfuly

    Aside from its unusual crop, this photo is airy, bright and beautiful.
  • Real and Tender: 2 of 9
    Real and Tender:
    Photo by Ryan Condor

    Whether or not the pose is planned, the natural light, rumpled sheets and everyday wear make this one a once-in-a-lifetime shot.
  • Classic, Timeless 3 of 9
    Classic, Timeless
    Photo by Kelly Hicks Photography

    It doesn't matter when this photo was taken. The silhouette will always be pretty, and the ponytail gives it a little fun.
  • Pretty and Familiar 4 of 9
    Pretty and Familiar
    Photo by Olivia de Brito

    A real, raw, and peaceful moment--captured with atmosphere.
  • Sparkle and Fade 5 of 9
    Sparkle and Fade
    Photo by Aura Joon

    Posed but not unnatural, and pretty with the effects of light.
  • Pregnancy as Art 6 of 9
    Pregnancy as Art
    Photo by Anna Rummey

    Cool angles, interesting lines, nice textures and a round belly: frame it.
  • Ethereal 7 of 9
    Photo by Deb Schwedhelm Photography

    This lovely woman looks like a pregnant goddess--toned down and natural.
  • Simple, Smart 8 of 9
    Simple, Smart
    Photo by Ashley Skjaveland Photography

    Bright and thoughtful with an interesting depth of field: focus on the belly.
  • Just a Glimpse 9 of 9
    Just a Glimpse
    Photo by Annie McElwain Photography

    I love this seemingly stolen glance into the behind-the-scenes life of a pregnant woman.

Image credits and links:

“Soft and Bright” image by Eri/e*airfuly

“Real and Tender” image by Ryan Condor for Kelly Breslin

“Classic, Timeless” image by Kelly Hicks

“Pretty and Familiar” image by Olivia de Brito

“Sparkle and Fade” image by Aura Joon

“Pregnancy as Art” image by Anna Rummey

“Ethereal” image by Deb Schwedhelm

“Simple and Smart” image by Ashley Skjaveland

“Just a Glimpse” image by by Annie McElwain

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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