Pretty Your Postpartum Ensemble

There’s really nothing sexy about three-day-old sweats, spit-up stains and leaky breasts, but it often comes with the job of having a newborn. It amazed me how doing the most womanly, feminine, biologically natural thing in the world — birthing, feeding and caring for a baby — could make me feel so unwomanly. Sexy? Pretty? Clean? Those words lost all meaning.

And then we all saw how supermodel Miranda Kerr looked breastfeeding her baby, giving bedroom eyes to the camera in that I’m-still-beautiful-when-I-just-wake-up way. (What? You don’t wake up in red lipstick like Miranda? Weird.)

So it got us thinking that if we’re going to be in lounge wear all day, it could at least be pretty. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by covering up your ratty, dirty postpartum clothes with a pretty, feminine robe like Miranda. At least for when the visitors come over. (And some lipstick wouldn’t hurt either. Maybe a brush.)

1. Oscar de la Renta Short Kaleidoscope Robe and Gown, $67 at Bergdorf Goodman

2. Flowering Vines Robe, $48 at Ten Thousand Villages

3. Lauren Floral Robe, $30 at Neiman Marcus

4. Satin Kimono Wrap, $45 at Victoria’s Secret

5. VS Stripe Cotton Robe, $58 at Victoria’s Secret

6. Sweater Robe, $44.50 at Victoria’s Secret

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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