Professional Maternity Photos — Yea or Nay?

It is weird when you are not yet pregnant, yet know that when you are (& baby sticks) that it will be your last pregnancy. That’s what this (hopefully) upcoming one will be for us and it’s much different already than my first pregnancy.

I have been through a lot in all my pregnancies, I have figured out what works for me, what doesn’t and while all pregnancies are different, I feel confident that what has remained constant in the three full-term pregnancies I have had will remain constant in the next.

With it being my last though, I really want to make sure I take the time to soak it all in. Try to focus more on cherishing all the things I will miss when the door to new family members is closed and making sure it’s closed without little regrets or “I-wish-I-had-done’s“.

One of the things on my list is professional maternity photos. I have not had them done in any of my other pregnancies, I did take photos of the belly myself for Bean’s pregnancy, but that’s the extent. I am still on the fence on if it will be on my last-pregnancy bucket list or not.

The photos I have seen on friends and on the internet have been beautiful. When done right, the mom looks beautiful, glowing and happy. I can see how having professionally done photos can help boost the ego during any stage of life, but can see more how it would be welcome during pregnancy.

My hesitation though is what do you do with the photos after you have them taken? Are they scrapbook/family album only? Do you get them framed and hung up on the wall? That is sort of where the ‘not sure’ lays — they aren’t cheap to get done, but what’s really the point?

Any help either way deciding? Did you get photos done and happy you did? Did you consider yours just a waste of money?


Photo credit: amiefedora on Flickr

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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